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If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts to buy for your family and friends, here’s a list of Christmas gifts that will help you along the way.


With all the holiday collections coming out, every gift you buy is so perfect you wish you could keep it yourself.

The Avantguardian Igrien


The Avantguardian Igrien

We mostly write about Amsterdam since we’re based here. But every now and then we cross the city borders, into foreign territories – this time to Rotterdam.


The Avantguardian Igrien

One of the many challenges a woman has to face every morning, is concealing an imperfect skin.

In this post I’m sharing how I, as a 31-year-old, deal with my skin on a daily basis.


The Avantguardian Igrien

Champagne flowing, exquisite food pairings and excellent company. Ingredients to every champagne lover’s idea of a perfect night.


What is it with perfectionists that make us want to go hard on ourselves. As if any number is a number too small. As if there should be no limits.

The Avantguardian Igrien