10 Highly Selfish First World Problems

Selfish First World Problems

I lost the remote to my Apple TV this weekend and I have been wrecking my brains trying to find it. I’ve searched the couch, under the duvet (yes, I have a duvet), in the pillow covers, in my bookcase, on the table, in my shoes. I don’t even know how the remote could end up in my shoes, but I had to at least look for it once. After hours and hours of searching, I finally gave up and realised how incredibly unreal my dilemma was. Was I truly devastated? Had it left me less of a person? Was all hope lost? I’m not saying I am not still trying to find the remote, but it left me thinking. How incredibly selfish are we with our first world problems?

10 highly selfish first world problems every millennial is faced with at one point:

1. You ate too much You order too much, you eat too much and now you feel like you’re going into a food coma. And it’s almost bikini season. The horror.

2. The remote is too far away You’re all wrapped up in your duvet on the couch, with a soft pillow perfectly angled behind your back when suddenly you realise the remote is on the table on the other side of the room. #fml

3. The free food sucks You’re at a party your friends are hosting or at some event you had to be at and on the invitation it said there will be food. You arrive there and you find cold, average, devastatingly mediocre food. What’s worse, you could have had a lovely steak at home.

4. There is no wifi This is actually a serious problem.

5. There’s not enough sauce for my French fries You start the first half of the portion dipping your fries cautiously into the sauce and you only start dipping generously when you are confident there will be enough sauce left. However, sometimes, you run out of the sauce entirely unexpectedly. Now you have to eat your last fries without any sauce – a tragic!

6. Your bag is too expensive to walk around with You have this incredibly beautiful bag you have splurged on but you never take it with you outside, afraid you’re going to lose it or, even worse, you’ll ruin it. So instead you leave it in your closet, hidden away, out of sight and you kind of feel sorry for the bag.

7. Running out of space in your diary You have written a beautiful monologue on how incredibly meaningful your day was. You notice you are reaching the end of the page but you keep writing. You try to squeeze in the last sentence at the end of the page, but you realise it won’t fit the page anymore. It’s only one word, there’s no space left, the world is cruel today.

8. Your favourite turtleneck sweater shrunk You have one sweater you love to wear all winter long. It has the perfect curve around the neckline, it hugs your body greatly. But it shrunk in the washing machine. You want to wear it anyway, hoping it will still stretch to your size, even though it makes you look like a donkey in a monkey’s suit.

9. Your TV show is longer than your train ride It almost never happens that your train arrives exactly on time at the point of your destination but today it does. And you’ve only got 8 minutes of House of Cards left. It’s too long to fast-forward and too short to skip all together. Your day couldn’t have started worse.

10. Your fridge is filled with food but there’s nothing you feel like eating You have just spent $$ buying in your groceries for the rest of the week, but once you open your fridge later that day, you can’t find anything worth eating.

What are some of your selfish first world problems?