5 Holiday Etiquette Tips (Hosts and Guests)

5 Holiday Etiquette Tips

inspiration | 19 December 2016

With the holiday season starting soon, we’re about to enter another joyful yet stressful time of the year. Especially for those of you who are hosting a dinner party (we’re doing four this year).. may the force be with you!

We’ve come up with a list of tips to make your holidays the best one of yet! With these holiday etiquette tips, you’re going to rock this year’s holiday parties!

Holiday Dinner Party Etiquette


1./ Let your guests know in advance the important details to your party. What is going to be served? What’s the dress code? What time does it start and end? Guests need to know to prepare in advance!

2.Always be mindful of your guests. Ask in advance if anybody has any allergies or diet wishes. A great dinner is when you’re able to keep everyone (or at least the majority) perfectly happy.

3./ Know your silverware (and the setting). Remember, forks are on the left and spoons and knives are on the right. On the left is also all solids (bread and butter plate) and liquids are on the right.

4./ Receive something unexpected or unwanted (like your aunt making one of her creative dishes again)? Gracefully accept and serve or display to the whole party. The holidays are about family anyway (even if it doesn’t go with your carefully planned 8-course dinner)!

5./ Prepare a toast. You don’t have to do this at every dinner party, but with the holidays it is somewhat expected. Look up the ‘Art of Toasting’ and get out your vintage champagne and toast to your present company!


1.With holiday parties, there’s no better time than the ‘right’ time to arrive. Arrive too early and you’ll find your hosts still preparing – too late and you’ll keep your hosts waiting. For holiday parties it’s essential to arrive on time!

2.Never come empty handed. Flowers are tricky – they may not go with the table decorations. But a good bottle of wine or champagne or a gift specially selected for your hosts will be perfect!

3./ Dress appropriately. If the invitation calls for evening wear, don’t be the spoiler of the evening by coming in casual attire. Always respect the wishes of the hosts!

4./ Got the hosts something they did not need or want or it’s evident they won’t make use of it? Politely ask back the gift and promise to come with a new gift soon!

5./ Do not overstay your welcome. Once a party is over and your hosts are barely standing, offer to help clean up the mess and politely say your goodbyes!