5 Stylish Shop Blogs

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inspiration | 22 January 2017

As a photographer and content creator, I spend a considerable amount on a weekly basis surfing for inspiration for my next posts. I say it’s part of the job – the bf calls it being lazySometimes I want to look for style inspirations and I’ll look for the latest trends. What are people wearing on the runway? What is the latest street style hype? Other times I look for inspiration in terms of photography and visual storytelling. There’s nothing more alluring than stunning visuals to highlight a certain trend or story.

For online style inspirations you can visit personal blogs. But brands and shops are jumping on the content creating bandwagon as well. And they definitely deliver on their content as well. I’ve summed up 5 sites of shops and brands where you can draw your style inspiration from! Trust me, you’re going to want to bookmark these 😉 Let’s go!

1. Red Life by Red Valentino

Red Valentino has a big social presence on Instagram but have you seen their editorial page as well? It’s filled with fashion edits featuring the Red Valentino collections. I am obsessed with the photography! You may not be able to afford much of it but the visuals are eye-candy.

Style Inspiration Sites Red Life by Red Valentino

Stylish Shop Blogs The Edit Net-A-Porter

2. The Edit by Net-a-Porter

The Edit has served as an inspiration to many bloggers throughout the years. I remember Net-A-Porter being one of the first shops that featured an editorial section. It reads like a magazine and you can click directly on the items to go to the shop.

3. Editorial by Zalando

Every time I see the mailman, he’s carrying a pile of Zalando boxes into the building. The shop has grown so much over the years that it’s almost hard to believe that they’re a fairly new shop. On their Editorial pages you’ll find style inspirations with colorful lookbooks. It’s very trend-based so you’re bound to find inspiration here.

Stylish Shop Blogs Zalando Editorial

Stylish Shop Blogs Selfridges Inspiration

One of the best things about Selfridges is that it has almost everything you want. From beauty, style to electronics – all presented in style too. On their Inspiration pages there’s a lot of inspirational posts for beauty buys, seasonal favorites as well as inspiring interviews with people from the industry.

5. Nordstrom Lookbooks

Nordstrom has a great Trend page as well but what I’m really looking forward to most every month is their lookbooks. I can spend hours going through the captivating images and colorful photography.

Stylish Shop Blogs Nordstrom Trend

Where do you get your inspiration from, whether it’s for style or creativity? Let me know in the comments down below!