5 Ways To Kickstart Your Week

5 Ways To Kickstart Your Week

Did the weekend go by too quickly again? Do you feel like you hardly got a good rest this weekend? Here are some tips on how to kickstart your week!

1. Get some sleep

Mondays are nobody’s favourite day of the week. When the alarm goes off, the only thing you want to do is smash the thing against the wall and continue sleeping. People often underestimate sleep. For a good start of the week, make sure you get your rest before the workweek starts. Having a well-rested weekend is essential to having a good week.

2. Organize

Plan your week carefully and tactfully. Make a list of the key events of the week and make room in your schedule to prepare for it. Have an important meeting coming up this week with your boss? Highlight it in your schedule. The more you know about your week’s schedule, the better you are prepared and the less chance there is for surprises.

3. Eat (well)

Planning a great high-calorie meal this week? Try moving it to the end of the week. Having a high-fat meal earlier in the week may make you feel guilty for having that meal all week. You’ll stress about not being able to find the time to go to the gym and you’re going to be a lot more conscious of what you eat all week, which is another unnecessary thing to worry about when you’re already busy.

4. Dress up

Looking good can sometimes help you feel good as well. Have a dress that you wanted to save for casual Friday? Why not wear it on Monday instead and get your ego boosted at the start of the week!

5. Things to look forward to

Nothing is better to kickstart your week than having something to look forward to at the end of the week. Plan an amazing date with your boyfriend or go shopping with your friends. Book a table at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to for ages (and have that high-calorie meal then) or finally go take that tap dancing class.

Have a good week – good luck!

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  • Great tips. I’ve had a horrible Monday but that mostly occurred after leaving home. I love the idea of dressing up. I didn’t really do that today but I did apply some fav YSL lipstick and it made my morning for sure.


    • Aw I hope your Tuesday will be much better *sending you lots of love from here*!
      People underestimate dressing up, it can do so much for your confidence and mood!

  • Just what I needed, thanks!! I felt like I could’ve slept all week this morning 😉
    That palm tree print is everything ♥ . Sigh, I really need more sun!
    Have a great week!


    • Thanks Izzy, I’ve been obsessed with palm prints lately!
      I know right and especially with this cold weather all I want to do is stay in bed!

  • Diane

    Ahh This is what I needed to read, thank you for sharing! I definitely need more sleep.



    • Haha, we all need more sleep I think! I think study showed that we should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day!

  • Diane Fonkoua

    Great tips I needed t see that! 🙂


  • Awesome tips!

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  • Those are definitely awesome tips, Igrien! I’ve recently heard we’re looking the best on Mondays actually! So why not use this fact as a great motivation to kick a new week. ;-D
    Have a good week too, dear!


    • Ah I didn’t know that but it makes sense. On Fridays I usually have the darkest circles and kilos of bags under my eyes. Mondays we should be most relaxed anyway!
      Thanks and you too!

      • Yeah, me too! Friday is great but can be exhausting because of running for errands and so… at least for me! Haha! Thank you for your reply.

        xoxo Ira

  • Dressing up is a good tip! I realize that I tend to accidentally online shop a little more on Monday’s. I guess that’s my way of dealing with them!


    • Haha, that’s a great Monday habit, I may try that! 😀 Thanks for stopping by Whitney!

  • Great tips! Love the “get some sleep” tip…I definitely need that! 🙂


    • Haha, don’t we all? We should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day!
      Thanks for stopping by Valerie!

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    Genius! Will definitely try the “get some sleep” tip 🙂

    -Adi xxo

  • Great tip, thanks for sharing!

  • Great tips! Especially things to look forward to. I have an “Inspirational Monday” post up on my blog every Monday as a positive start 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

  • Isabel Robertson

    Great tips! I loved reading this blog post!


    • Thanks Isabel! Come back every Monday for more motivational / inspirational posts! Thanks for stopping by <3

  • These are all great tips, thank you for this post ! xx

  • Awesome tips! I never thought about eating those high-calorie/heavy food in the first few days of the week will do you a guilty feeling and stress about it all week long.
    I guess should save the best till the last on weekends, ha.
    I am glad I came around this post on a Sunday, can’t be a much better timing!

    x Tiff

    • Happy you enjoyed the post! 😀 Thanks for stopping by Tiff! Hope to see you back here soon! <3