8 Ways To Get Into Your Creative Zone

If you are a creative professional, it can be difficult sometimes to be creative on demand. We all have days when we’re bursting with ideas and we can’t wait to execute them. But creative energy can go as quickly as it came. And when that happens, it’s good to have a backup plan to help you get back your creativity again. Here are 8 ways to get into your creative zone!

1. Zoom out Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we lose track because we’ve been zooming in on something for too long and we lose focus because of it. Reassess things and trace back your steps to the beginning. 

2. Create ‘inspiration’ triggers Keep a notebook with your ideas, quotes, or a playlist on Youtube with videos that have inspired you previously. Better yet: start a mood board (great DIY project as well)! In any case, having lists or photos of your favorite creative things around you may get your creative juices flowing again.

3. Read, eat, travel Creativity isn’t a button we can switch on again when we lose it. Creativity comes from all corners of life. If 2. hasn’t helped, try to find your inspiration in new things. Read that book you’ve been dying to read all year or pick a magazine you’ve never read before. Go check out that new restaurant in the city or finally book yourself that trip to Iceland. 

4. Music There’s no bigger motivator than music. I always have my favorites ready when I need a creative fix. There are always songs you fall back on every time you put together playlists. Do you play an instrument? Even better! Get behind the piano again and start playing. Chances are you’re creativity is blocked because you’ve been at it for too long and all you need is some music to make you start swinging.

5. Workspace At all times, keep a clean desk space and avoid clutter. Your work should be all you think about and not the mess you need to clean up at the end of the day. And while we’re at it, avoid any online distraction coming your way too. Are you checking your Twitter and Instagram account every hour ten minutes? Limit all your distractions to a minimum! 

6. Just start, somewhere You’re probably thinking this is the worst advice ever. It may be, but then, you’re getting nowhere anyway if you’re just waiting for the right next move. Why not just start and see where things go. You may do something you haven’t thought of but you may just end up liking it.

7. Walk away, go out Did none of the above work? Walk away from it. Create a good distance between you and your creative project. Go out, live! Give it a day or two and perhaps you’ll come back with a whole new perspective. 

8. Sleep on it! Sometimes all you need is sleep! 

That’s it! This is my creativity plan. What do you guys do when you’re running out of creative energy?

In this photo: Vogue, September issue (2015) featuring Imaan Hammam, Tiffany & Co Bows Mug (other bow mugs here, here or here)

  • Oh i love to travel too though it’s not my time right now but soon enough 🙂

    Any ways, great tips you shared here

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  • Tracy

    Gorgeous list! Will keep these tips in mind, thanks so much for sharing!

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    • Thanks Tracy! Hope it helps the next time you run out of creativity! <3

  • vanessa
    • Thank you Vanessa – hope it helps you the next time you lose your creativity! Thanks for stopping by Vanessa!

  • Arabella

    Great post!


  • I’m so with you, Igrien! On #1, I tend to zoome out every now and then – that really works!! On #2, to create a moodboard is a great idea but sometimes I don’t even have time for that so I rely, as simple as it sounds on: Google. :DD Agree with you on creativity as well, sometimes I’m full of it and need a lot of effort to express it and on the other days I’m “empty”. LOL
    I have to admit, Music is my huge motivator and inspiration though I should play piano more often… Walking away or simply sleep are often underestimated things. And the REAL social life gets neglected. Enjoying life means getting a lot of inspiration! 😉 Fantastic post, Igrien!

    xoxo Ira

    • Thanks Ira!
      I have to admit I don’t keep a mood board either. I do try though, but I just end up collecting bits of magazines and stuff in a box. My bf calls it trash :p Google/Pinterest are great motivators though! I have been in a creative rut for weeks now, which inspired me to write this post! I hope I’m back on the saddle again soon 🙁 I wish I could play the piano now (haven’t played in years though) but since I don’t have a piano here I tried singing today. It did help lift my mood again but no creativity so far *sob*. Thanks for stopping by again Ira! <3

      • Hi Igrien!
        Phew, I thought I’m the only one in times of diverse internet platforms like Pinterest and such… I have magazines all over our flat, except the room of our son. ;-P And also a box with inspiring stuff from the past. My husband calls it trash as well. We’ve had to throw away his magazines so guess he just wants to get rid of mine as well… hahahah! ;-DD
        Yeah, I’m using Google to 95%! I feel you, Igrien. Everybody of us has up and downs. Just take your time, relax and the flow will return. Pressure is definitely something which can destroy the entire motivation, so true!
        I wish I could play piano more often but the university and family life keep me quite busy. 🙂 Singing is a really great idea, I’m doing it with my son as much as I can. LOL
        I hope you feel better soon, dear! Keep you head high, Igrien!! <3 Hugs!

        xoxo Ira

  • Some times your creativity has a deadline, and here we are facing a problem… At creativity lessons during the University they used to teach us many techniques, and it’s true, you can work out your creativity: Geniuses aren’t born.

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    Bests! xxx

    • True Maria, it definitely has a deadline! It isn’t this constant source of energy unfortunately. Thanks for stopping by Maria! <3

  • These tips are so great! I totally agree that it sometimes hard to be creative on demand, so these will come in handy! I really like the “read, eat, travel” tip…definitely things I try to do often! 🙂


  • Great post!.. That is really helpful.. 🙂

    Good vibes, Fox

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  • Great tips, Igrien! Regarding point 5, that’s a really tough one for me, ’cause our house has been in a perpetual renovation state for ages. Everything is cluttered meaning my head feels cluttered, too. Can’t wait for it to be done (and then we’ll sell to migrate ha ha; well, at least that feels like a clean slate). But you’re so right in this respect, a clean workspace is a huge plus!
    Watching movies with gorgeous cinematography also inspires me when I’m in a creative rut 🙂

    • When will the renovation be done? I hope you can find a ‘clean’ working space in the mean time!
      Oh I go crazy every time I watch a movie with gorgeous cinematography! Do you know Christopher Doyle? He’s my favorite cinematographer. Oh I wish I could become a cinematographer one day… if only! <3

      • No idea really 🙁 – it’s so slow, because it’s done by my in-laws and it depends on how much time they have. Long boring story, but in short: the house was bought under far different financial circumstances than the current one, so we had to change plans regarding the renovation. In the end, when we sell, it should still be a wise investment. But yeah, in the meantime we’ll have to make do.
        I had to look up Christopher Doyle, because I’m not very familiar with cinematographers’ names. I just know which movies I like visually, but don’t know who was responsible for all that beauty. I had a look at Doyle’s list of movies, but I only had seen The Quiet American (like it!). I have yet to watch In the Mood for Love, I heard it’s gorgeous (Tony Leung is great – I loooved Infernal Affairs).

        • The housing market has not been disastrous these last few years. I hope you will be able to sell without losing too much!
          In the Mood for Love is actually one of my favorite films, all time. Tony Leung is great in it, so is Maggie Cheung and Wong Kar Wai is an amazing director. This movie made me look into cinematography for the first time – Doyle is the director’s right-hand in a lot of movies. Do watch it! 😀

  • Such good words, thanks so much for the tips lovely. We all need some refreshing to do to get our creative juices flowing! 🙂


    • Thanks Erica! I know right? It isn’t this constant source of energy unfortunately. Thanks for stopping by Erica! <3

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Great post! I totally agree; music is always very, very important for me in creative zones!


    • Thanks Monique! Music is a great source of creative energy! I tend to listen to music whenever I’m editing photos. It definitely helps me work better!
      Thanks for stopping by Monique!

  • I love this! I hate forcing myself to be creative but sometimes you just have to. I usually use my “liked” posts on tumblr to jumpstart some inspiration. A++ post!
    xx, Pia


    • That’s a great one! I have my Pinterest feed that jumpstarts my creativity haha! Thanks for stopping by Pia! <3