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Foodhallen Rotterdam Main Bar

Foodhallen Rotterdam

We visited Foodhallen Rotterdam to get a taste at new stands like Bavette, Lima, Bar Pulpo and Baomazing. Here’s what we had.

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Foodhallen Amsterdam

Foodhallen Amsterdam

It’s a fact, Amsterdam now has a food market and it is the talk of the town. Amsterdam’s Foodhallen was all the buzz last…

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Food Trends Amsterdam I-Scream Waffle Foodhallen

Food Trends Amsterdam

Here are the current food trends in Amsterdam! It’s a short list of seven trending and instagrammable foods you can find in Amsterdam!

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Amsterdam Kingsday

What To Do On King’s Day

King’s Day is here! We’ve got some great tips lined up for you for both King’s Night and Day, just in case you don’t have any plans yet!

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The Avantguardian

FLYING CATHAY PACIFIC BUSINESS CLASS At the end of August, K and I flew from Amsterdam to Bali in Cathay Pacific Business Class. Which... Read More
Meat West Amsterdam

Meat West

When you want to escape the busy crowd at De Hallen and you want to go for a little bit of fine dining instead, Meat West is,…

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Top 2014 Posts

The number of 2014 posts I published on the blog this year has totalled a staggering 97 posts. I have blogged about food, my travel adventures, art,…

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