A Conservatorium Hotel and Van Gogh bespoke cocktail

Tunes Bar Van Gogh Hockney cocktail

Conservatorium Hotel
Van Gogh
bespoke cocktail

Tunes Bar Van Gogh cocktail

In honour of the Hockney exhibition The Joy of Nature at the Van Gogh Museum, the Conservatorium Hotel has created a bespoke cocktail at Tunes Bar. 

From the colourful palettes and detailed brush strokes, both Hockney and Van Gogh love to experiment with vibrancy and perspectives. Which makes the Hockney exhibition at the Van Gogh museum – running from 1 March through 26 May – a marriage waiting to happen. The Joy of Nature showcases a love for nature and celebrates wild and exuberant colours. 

Bar manager Sjoerd Muller introduces the bespoke cocktail inspired by the exhibition. The cocktail is presented with a rock of clear ice, to preserve the temperature more evenly, citrus, florals and herbs for those lovely spring notes, a champagne mousse that adds elegance and to top it off, sunflower oil-washed Geranium gin.

Muller goes into the concept of fat-washing gin and as we’re presented two glasses of mezcal, one with fat-washed Wagyu oil and the other pure, it is clear to both my husband and I that the former is a clear winner for us. The smokiness and richness you get from the Wagyu is transferred beautifully in the alcohol. The sunflower oil in the Hockney cocktail is way more subtle but it definitely adds another dimension to the cocktail.

Tunes Bar Dumplings Conservatorium Hotel

Of course to accompany your cocktail, Tunes Bar serves a plethora of dishes to enjoy. From fresh avocado and salmon maki to rich duck and mango gyozas. Bite-sized for those looking to munch on a little snack – but definitely filling enough for those nights you just long for a cocktail and food pairing. Our favourite has to be the har gau dumpling in a light dough wrap with champagne foam on top – a modern take on a traditional Cantonese dish. 

Also, whatever you go for, go for the soft-shell crab maki as well. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail. 

Tunes Bar Sushi Conservatorium Hotel

Tunes Bar Dim Sum Conservatorium Hotel

Find Tunes Bar at the Conservatorium Hotel at Van Baerlestraat 27 in Amsterdam.