A Wong Kar Wai Short Film For Saint Laurent

Wong Kar Wai Short Film A Night In Shanghai


Art | Film | Issue I | December 2019

Saint Laurent has released the fifth instalment of their SELF project series. With Wong Kar Wai at the helm, curating the project, the short film titled A Night In Shanghai premiered at Shanghai’s Yuz Museum. 

SELF is the project started by Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello. Previous collaborators include Gaspar Noé, Bret Easton Ellis, Daido Moriyama and Vanessa Beecroft. “SELF represents the self-expression and conveys many different facets of the Saint Laurent attitude.”

Critically acclaimed Wong Kar Wai, who is known for arthouse classics such as In The Mood For Love, Chungking Express and 2046, brought in Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya to direct the short film. Wing Shya’s dream-like style fits well with the aesthetics of Wong Kar Wai. The short film follows Chinese model Ju Xiaowen moving from one vivid dreamscape to another. “A night in Shanghai is a story about the introspective research of our-self, which starts from breaking the balance. Ju Xiaowen is walking on the wire. Trying to find the balance in real life by comparing the past and the present, sharply contrasting. Looking for who she is and moved by the desire to express herself,” the house describes.

In every Wong Kar Wai film, women are in a league of their own. Finding their identities, searching their soul for their inner feelings. It’s a theme that comes out visually stunning through Wing Shya’s direction. It’s dreamy, it’s sophisticated and it’s utterly Saint Laurent. The short film showcases the contemporary character of a Saint Laurent woman. But set against the classic backdrop of Shanghai (Wong Kar Wai’s birthplace), it creates a perfect blend that highlights the brand’s iconic visionary soul.  

Watch the film below.

Wong Kar Wai Short Film A Night In Shanghai

Wong Kar Wai Short Film A Night In Shanghai