Affordable It Bags

Affordable It Bags

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


style | 17 October 2016

Are you in the market for a new bag? We’re going to cover some affordable it-bags that are current. On the top of the list, there’s the Furla Metropolis bag. This bag can be seen on all fashionistas. They come in different colors and some limited collection designs as well and at a price of around EUR 300 – 400, it’s pretty affordable. They’re small but large enough for your daily essentials (wallet, keys, make up, phone). Next we’ve got the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. This model has been copied by so many other brands already. Although the trend started in 2014, the bucket bag is certainly still ‘in’. But instead of the classic black and red model, we’re now coveting the stunning camel color. At around EUR 400 – 500, it’s leaning slightly towards a mid-range bag but it’s still fairly cheap for an it-bag. Another brand you should look to for affordable it-bags is Sophie Hulme. Not only are their models extremely classy and simplistic, they come with a nice price tag as well. Take the Albion box model, which retails at EUR 500. Last but not least, Manu Atelier. The Pristine bag was last year’s hit and remains a great favorite among fashion lovers. The Pristine bag will set you back EUR 400 – 500.

Not too shabby, aye?

We’ll be back next week with our it-bag list, mid-range. Stay tuned!