Age of the Understatement

The Avantguardian Igrien


life | October 2017

Being an entrepreneur, your work never ends. You go with the flow of every assignment and let your projects dictate your schedule. Lately my only wish seems to be to have more time. Time to add finesse to my work or time to spend with clients to discuss future projects – and time to sleep. At one point you realize you could solve your problems by expanding the team. But talent and ambition is a combination you don’t find easily. And when you do find it, chances are they’ve got their eyes on their own goals.

So time – has anyone figured out time traveling yet?

With The Avantguardian entering its forth year and many fellow bloggers reaching this point with me, the question is what the future is of the blogosphere. Everybody with an Instagram account of over 4K followers is already calling themselves a blogger. There’s a growing aversion towards anything that has to do with influencers but I don’t think influencers quite see it yet. There’s an influencer bubble. I guess at one point I would love to see more authenticity and originality.

What you do see more and more is bloggers crossing over to the professional world. Bloggers are being hailed in as stylists, decorators, photographers, fashion editors. It’s certainly a more solid career than depending on the popularity of an app. And I daresay this is where most creatives who want to stay in the industry will be headed to. In the end, if social media has proven one thing it is that influencers are able to handle multiple creative tasks on their own. Tasks previously thought to be exclusive to an educated and experienced few.

This is where I will leave you guys tonight. With the future of blogging up for discussion. And hopefully sufficient sleep time tonight.