Alex Invites Braden Jerkins

Braden Perkins Verjus

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


food | 30 January 2017

Alex Invites Braden Perkins

Alex Invites Braden Perkins

I’ve written about Alex Invites here before. Alex Invites is a concept created by chef Alex Haupt from Hoofdstad Brasserie where every month a chef is invited to do a collaboration menu. Back in October, we enjoyed an Austrian feast by chef Joachim Jaud and in November we were introduced to ‘japas’ by Malaysian chef Jeffrey Ramses. This weekend, it was chef Braden Perkins’ turn. The Bostonian is well known in Parisian gastronomy circles for his restaurants Verjus and Ellsworth. Coming all the way from Paris with his team from Verjus, we were treated to a beautiful set menu featuring seasonal produce.

From an ode to celeriac, cooked on coals, served with chestnut puree and a creamy sauce of hazelnut milk and bay oil, to a beautifully roasted kuru squash with a sauce of Brittany seaweed and peppercorns and two dollops of yoghurt that provided the freshness it needed – it was winter on a plate.

Alex Invites Braden Perkins

Hoofdstad Brasserie Amsterdam

Alex Invites Braden Perkins

From the Hoofdstad Brasserie team, we were served the restaurant’s North-sea crab on toast with herring caviar. The dish is normally served with poached eggs but for this menu we got our eggs in the next dish – a hen’s egg glazed with red wine jus, served with mushrooms, shallots, bacon and herbs. The perfect breakfast dish to serve all day. 

Braden Perkins Verjus Paris

Alex Invites Braden Perkins

We ended the afternoon on a sweet note with butterscotch ice cream and on the bottom of the cone (which is always the best part) – a buttery Fernet Branca caramel.

So far every collaboration has seen some really memorable dishes – so after every collaboration, there’s this excitement building up for next month’s collaboration. With so many chefs all over the world at the top of their game, I can’t wait to see who they’re bringing in next!