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London, United Kingdom


food | 22 August 2016

When we were in Hong Kong back in March, one of my highlights was having drinks with friends at Aqua in Hong Kong. The bar has an amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline and the cocktails were superb. This time, we decided to stop by Aqua Kyoto, in London and it was no different – almost as if it’s the Aqua concept to serve cocktails with a grand view. You’ll find Aqua Kyoto on Regent Street (entrance Argyll Street) so it’s perfect for shopping breaks. The rooftop terrace provides a beautiful view over the London shopping streets.

We sample the summer foraging menu, created by executive chef Paul Greening. The menu highlights the seasonal produce that Britain has to offer. We start with the foraging cocktail of shies infused vodka with rose liquor, vanilla syrup and lime – a refreshing cocktail, perfect for a hot summer’s day. We try the omakase sashimi and maki sushi with sea buckthorn, salmon, sea vegetables and truffle. For our mains we have the katsuobushi scallops with foraged herbs, rice and tomato rice – this was an absolutely delicious dish. The combination of butters and herbs and the beautifully seared scallops was just perfect – it would be excellent on any winter’s menu as well. And the green tea soba with wild flowers, mushrooms, nuts and egg was our very first green tea soba and it was delectable. Then for dessert, a bitter chocolate mousse with spiced taco damson and meadow sweet ice cream. Now, you can never go wrong with a dessert like that, can you?

Enjoy the foraging menu until 10th September.