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March 2018

When Arket announced it was going to open a store in Amsterdam, lifestyle enthusiasts couldn’t wait for its arrival. Last week, the shop finally opened on Amsterdam’s Koningsplein. Located in a building that has mainly housed failed book stores in previous years, Arket will surely mark a new time for the otherwise touristy part of the city center. 

Arket is part of the H&M group and aims to position itself as a lifestyle and sustainability brand. Its styles are trendy and minimal like sister brand COS but not as fashion forward as &OtherStories. It bounces somewhere between the two and its product choice is slightly reminiscent of the Japanese Muji and Uniqlo – both leading brands when it comes to sustainable and durable fashion & life.

Products are identified by numbers and letters – all standing for a different department, category and material. It’s the perfect way for us ‘grown-up’ millennials – we hate labels but at the same time we love expressing our identity through it.

The Avantguardian Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Image © Arket

We decided to investigate the store further and here’s five things why we’re excited about Arket.

1. Design

From the clean and minimal interior of the store to the sharp design of its online shop. This is Scandinavian design as we know and love. To some the design may be too cold or standoffish, but we like anything that is new and has a clear identity.

2. Labels

How about this new way of labelling. When you go to Arket’s site, products are found based on department (women/men/children/home), color, pattern, material or ‘made in’. This is not only a creative way of sorting your online trade, it’s also transparent towards customers about where products are from. 

3. Sustainable fashion

We love Muji, we love Uniqlo and now there’s a new Scandinavian breed full of minimalistic and clean-cut products, with a slightly more trendy edge.


The Avantguardian Luxury Lifestyle MagazineThis nylon belt, a non-branded alternative for Off-White’s industrial belt

The Avantguardian Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

This checked blazer – the ultimate piece to invest in this season

The Avantguardian Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

These dark pink wool trousers with high waist and wide legs – what a silhouette on this

The Avantguardian Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

And this soft cashmere jumper to wrap yourself – in a neutral basic for those cold days