At the Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum Carl Henning Pedersen Den Gode Dreng Med Sine Vilde Heste

Stedelijk Museum Anna Boch Vrouwenfiguur in landschap

At the
life, 10 February 2016

When we’re on vacation, I love visiting museums and art galleries. I will include as many museums as our itinerary allows (much to K’s dismay, who is less an art enthusiast). It only dawned on me the other day that I hadn’t visited the Stedelijk Museum yet since its reopening in 2012. So I decided to visit the museum the last time I was in Amsterdam. And I’m glad that I did. I had forgotten about the many works the museum houses and the museum’s vast collection of paintings, prints, installations, photos and iconic furniture pieces. 

I remember going to the Stedelijk Museum in elementary school on a field trip. We had the task of recreating some of the works in the museum. I never understood how postmodern art was sometimes so plain and simple. If something is easy to recreate, how is it called art? I was much more enamored by Van Gogh’s raw post-impressionist paintings, or Picasso’s and Braque’s cubist paintings and Matisse’s lively works. At odds with my all time favorite painter, Monet, I have come to appreciate minimal and abstract art as well over the years. There’s something automatic and yet spontaneous about contemporary art that makes it awfully satisfying to look at.

Stedelijk Museum Barnett Newman Cathedra

Stedelijk Museum Pierre Alechinsky Les Liens De Parente

Stedelijk Museum Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova: Luchistoye Rayonistische Zee

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Stanley Spencer Charley Toorop Jan Toorop Carel Willink

Stedelijk Museum Isa Genzken

Stedelijk Museum Isa Genzken

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Kazimir Malevich Yellow

Stedelijk Museum Piet Mondriaan Compositie Rood Geel Blauw Geel Grijs

Stedelijk Museum Dan Flavin

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Of all the works hanging in the galleries at the moment, these are my favorites. I tried capturing the works in a way that would fit the style of the works without taking away the essence and vibe.

I wanted to publish more photos but I wouldn’t want to keep you guys from visiting the museum yourselves – do go!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! For more museums, check: Tate Modern (London), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Kunsthaus Zurich, Saatchi Gallery (Post Pop Art; London) and Fondation Louis Vuitton (Paris).

In the photos: Dan Flavin, Piet Mondriaan, Kazimir Malevich, Isa Genzken, Barnett Newman, Anna Boch, Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova, Stanley Spencer, Charley Toorop, Jan Toorop, Carel Willink, Pierre Alechinsky, Carl Henning Pedersen.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

  • I love going to art museums. I haven’t been to one in forever though. I personally paint more abstract work but I can appreciate many different styles.

    -M || Custom Artwork Giveaway

    • Would love to see your work Monika! Hope you will consider featuring them on your blog soon 😉 Have a good day Monika!

  • I’m still stuck in not liking modern art. For the exact reason you mentioned above 😉 . Well, perhaps not completely. It’s not that I don’t like simple, a good concept is a good concept after all. But often, with modern art, I feel that it’s more about the story behind the work. And I kinda hate that. The work should speak to me as is, without any words or backstory required. Sure, it might enhance things and I do appreciate an interesting backstory. But it definitely should be able to “stand alone”. That said, I do like your artwork shots! And I have a soft spot for Charley and Jan Toorop!

    • Thanks Izzy!
      I loved the Toorop paintings – kind of wish they had more in the museum! Have you visited Stedelijk yet? I enjoyed their collections and am now considering getting a ‘museumkaart’ to visit the museum more often.
      Enjoy your day Izzy!

  • Sahar Gholami

    loved it! so great <3


  • Trang Do

    Love this museum! Great pictures!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • I love how you captured the essence and style of this museum perfectly!! You are a gifted photographer 🙂

    xo Soo |

  • minaali

    Oh wow, you’ve photographed this place so wonderfully! Everything’s so beautiful. <3

    The Snap Narrative

  • Great photos! I love old paintings.

    Jasmine xx

  • i love visiting museums and galleries too. Specially now I’m in London, there are always so many exhibitions going on. Have you heard about the Vogue 100 Photography exhibition in National Portraits Gallery? I think thats something you’ll love too 🙂 have a great day Igrien!

    • I did hear about it – I’m planning on visiting it next week (if I can find the time – it’s going to be another hectic week!).
      Have a great week ahead Tiffany!

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