Auberge Jean & Marie

Auberge Jean & Marie Amsterdam


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 29 May 2017

Auberge Jean & Marie Amsterdam

Auberge Jean & Marie Amsterdam

Auberge Jean & Marie is a charming little place tucked away in Amsterdam‘s de Pijp. Had the weather been better the day I visited and there not been any roadworks in front of the restaurant, you’d think you’d just walked into a humble auberge in the French countryside.

The restaurant owners are Jan Grijspeere and Marije Bremer, self-proclaimed Francophiles. Their love for French food and wines led them to open the restaurant last year, with a little help from the community through a crowdfunding campaign. The restaurant has been one of the hotspots in Amsterdam ever since. Elizabeth Auerbach from Elizabethonfood even named it one of the 13 hottest new restaurants in Amsterdam on Eater.

The restaurant’s wine cellar is a small cave consisting of an impressive range of French wines Jan and Marije have collected from different French regions. Jan tells us about their wine journey and how they collect their wines. His passion for wine and food shows.

Auberge Jean & Marie Amsterdam

The menu at Auberge Jean & Marie is classical French. Dishes like asparagus terrine with deviled eggs, steak tartare with foie gras and sautéed frog legs in a garlic and parsley cream are dishes you could expect in any classical French restaurant. Buttery, savory, full of flavor – dishes that may not be too good for your diet but so enjoyable you crave for more! The wines paired and advised by Marije were excellent.

We end with a showstopper of a dessert – rhubarb sorbet with a white chocolate mousse and a crumble. A beautiful dish with sweet and sour notes.

Visiting Auberge Jean & Marie is like being transported into the French countryside. Where you want to forget about the rest of the world for a bit and just enjoy good food.  

Auberge Jean & Marie Amsterdam

Auberge Jean & Marie Amsterdam

Visit Auberge Jean & Marie at Albert Cuypstraat 58-60 in Amsterdam.

  • Every single one of these dishes looks divine!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    • Thank you so much Ashley! They were delicious as well! Thanks for stopping by! <3

  • Your creative direction is hella incredible! All the A E S T H E T I C S ?

  • Those pictures have my stomach rumbling with appreciation! Great photos, would love to try that place if I ever get the chance!


    • Thank you Charlotte! I don’t know why it took me so long to try the place – loved the classic French dishes! Thanks for stopping by <3!