Autumn Gin & Tonic

Autumn Gin Tonic Fever Tree Clementine Cinnamon

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


do | 17 October 2016

Gin & tonics have been dominating the world for two summers now. Hardly a new drink, but it has made a splashing comeback and the world is better for it.

If you’re not planning on ditching your favorite summer drink just yet, this autumn inspired gin & tonic will keep you happy during these cold, rainy days.

For this drink, you’ll need the Fever Tree Clementine & Cinnamon flavor, launched this summer in collaboration with Michelin star chef Sergio Hermann.

Fill a large wine glass (or a gin & tonic highball) with ice cubes. Pour in about 10 ml of fresh orange juice followed by 45ml of Tanqueray no. Ten.

Top up with a chilled bottle of the Fever Tree Clementine & Cinnamon tonic Water.

To finish, add a cinnamon stick and two to three slices of orange and an orange zest slice before serving.

And enjoy!