When I am obsessed with something, I am obsessed. I will rant about it to myself (which will mostly be on twitter, which I’m sure nobody actually reads). I’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone about it. I’ll even turn the conversation to the object of my obsession. One afternoon at the university, I had a class in Law Philosophy. I was talking to the guy sitting next to me when suddenly I felt the need to talk about my then obsession, Heroes, which I not-so-subtly, completely out of nowhere, placed into the conversation. If this has happened to you before, or worse, this is how we met, then I am terribly sorry for all I’ve put you through. But now you know it was my every intention to do so. Now, what happens next, always depends on the person. It could amount to an embarrassing situation where the other person is clueless, often resulting in a huge disappointment. Or, the person does know and that’s when you start singing – Hallelujah, praise the looorrrddd! And you know what, it’s not you, it’s me. It won’t be because I find my conversation with you boring. Even if it’s interesting I’ll be blunt and do this. It’s like an itch you have to scratch. Like a heroin addict in need of its endless supply of heroin. I just need it, I really do. The second scenario doesn’t happen all the time by the way. Especially not with my obsession-of-five-years for The Good Wife. If you are watching it and have any idea what I’m talking about – I need that scratch!

By now, you will have figured out that this post is not about Autumn. In fact, it is so far from Autumn that Autumn is a dot in the horizon. I really wanted to write about Autumn and Autumn-related randomness though. About the heavy storm today in the Netherlands. About the rain and constant waterfalls here. And the wind, blowing a wet orange-colored leaf in my face the other day. You should have been there. But who cares about friggin’ Autumn anymore when you have watched the best episode of The Good Wife. To date. God, how is nobody watching this yet? HOW?!!!

I really need to vent this energy on someone. Fast.


(Autumn photo that was supposed to go with Autumn-related post)