Beauty In Your Thirties

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April 2018

When you’re in your twenties, you’re all about experimenting with the latest beauty trends and discovering popular products. But by the time you’re thirty, you’ll have all your beauty techniques covered and you know what works best for you. Your focus shifts slightly more towards skincare (because a good beauty look starts with a healthy skin) and you’re even willing to spend more on it than on make up. As for make up looks, you know how to work your palettes into elegant beauty looks. It’s not boring by any means – it’s playful, sophisticated and luxurious.

Here’s what beauty looks like in your thirties – our favourites.

1. Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate

First off, you value skincare products more than your makeup palettes. Sure, you cannot live without your highlighters and blushes, but it all starts with proper skincare routines and you know it. You start your mornings by cleansing the face and by applying either a serum or a concentrate. The Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate is a great way to start the morning. The concentrate soothes the skin and combats against aging and environmental factors. Especially if you’re working long office days or going out a lot in the weekend, your skin is going to need some extra attention. And this concentrate is the best way to maintain your lifestyle!

The Avantguardian Igrien

2. La Prairie White Caviar

The next step is to have a proper moisturizer. By this age, you may or may not have found the right moisturizer for your skin. Try out different brands for periods at a time and see what moisturizer feels best on your skin. You can also go into stores and ask for samples to test with. There’s loads of brands that carry great moisturizers. If you want to go for a luxurious and rich cream, the La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire is the way to go. This lavish cream aims to combat dullness of the skin and helps the skin become more luminous. La Prairie creams are a splurge but make no mistake in thinking this is a luxurious purchase. It is, but it’s also one that I have found to really do what it says. And that’s a promise not all brands can make. I myself have been suffering from redness on my skin all winter. I’ve been using the cream for three weeks and have seen it reduced quite a bit! 

3. La Mer Skincolor

For a woman in her thirties, the right foundation is key. In my twenties, I was always struggling to find the right color, the right texture and the right finish. I had tried out numerous of foundations before actually knowing what my skin and skin tone needed (yellow-toned, slightly dewy finish). One of my favourite foundations in my make up drawer is the La Mer Skincolor foundation. This foundation wears very naturally and it has a medium coverage, which is perfect for me. The texture is smooth and it wears very light on the skin. As for the finish, it’s slightly dewy – exactly the way I like my foundations!

The Avantguardian Igrien

The Avantguardian Igrien

4. NARS Wanted Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettes are perhaps the easiest for beauty lovers to fall in love with. It all comes down to what colour you prefer on your eyelids and knowing what brands carry the best quality products. I love eyeshadow palettes from various brands. I’ve been loving every NARS eyeshadow palette released recently so I’m putting my money on NARS. My favourite of late has been the Wanted Eyeshadow Palette. A palette featuring loads of auburns, neutrals and shimmers. It’s the perfect Spring palette and great for sultry evening looks.

5. NARS Free Soul

Blushers and highlighters are beauty products that make every beauty lover go wild, no matter the age. Of all beauty products, I have the biggest collection of blushes (corals, pinks, mauves, you name it) and highlighters (golden, light golden, warm golden, you name it)! There’s loads of brands you can go with when it comes to blushes and highlighters. My recent favourites includes a pink toned highlighter from the NARS Spring 2018 collection – Free Soul. The highlighter creates a soft luminous glow on the cheekbones. It’s stunning up close but beautifully natural as a stand-alone highlighter.

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6. Chanel Grey

In your thirties, your nail polishes sport a slightly muted tone. You’re much more into taupes and greys or muted pinks. Occasionally you will go for a pop of colour but not the kind of brightness that gives you an eye sore. Just a subtle and elegant pop of colour. For me, an easy to wear every-day nail polish is the Chanel nail polish in Grey. It’s a polish that you can wear to work during the day but the mysterious tone is also sophisticated enough to carry on through the night.

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7. YSL Volupte Shine
And in your thirties, you of course have the perfect lip colours in your bag. A natural my-lips-but-better colour that makes your lips stand out even when you’re sporting a clean minimal look. For my skin tone, dark pink colours with just a slight hint of red is perfect. It fits my complexion perfectly and gives my lips just the colour it needs. With the YSL Volupté Shine line, there’s a range of colours that fit all skin tones. The lipstick also has a subtle shimmer but nothing too extreme. It also comes in a cute and luxurious packaging!

The Avantguardian Igrien