Binge Watching Daredevil

THE AVANTGUARDIAN Binge watching Daredevil TV

Last week marked my 14th anniversary with K.. and I had to celebrate all on my own. Well, by had to I really mean I had no problem with it, at all. K was out with his colleagues on a ski trip for the whole week. And I, I had enough to keep myself busy with.

I started off my Monday with The Good Wife. The show is just not the same anymore without Will. And the ending, how far did we see that coming. There used to be a time when the show would surprise us all, week by week. This was just lazy writing. Then I watched Shameless. Lip is one of the most interesting characters on the show. It’s a pity the writers aren’t doing more with his character and all we get to see is Lip as a rags to riches character, but the show is still something I look forward to every week.

Tuesday I had reserved for Mad Men. I can’t stress enough how insanely well-crafted this show is. I try to explain to K how Mad Men is my equivalent to a drug, an obsession. One episode and I am high for the rest of the week. Not necessarily about Don, mind you.

On Wednesday I watched Top Five, a film similar to Adam Sandler’s Happy People, only this one stars Chris Rock. I’m not particularly a fan of Chris Rock, but I am of Rosario Dawson. So Wednesday, I admired the shit out of the kick-ass woman that I see in Rosario Dawson and I don’t see how anyone else could have played her character in the film. The woman just knows how to bring the sass in a typical male-centered-female-degrading movie. Too bad for the happy Hollywood ending.

My Thursday, the actual date of my anniversary, I watched all the Better Call Saul episodes I had saved up after Beijing. You just can’t help but have sympathy for Saul. The ending was too easy, but can we give Vince Gilligan soms props for writing a phenomenal season?

On Friday I sat down to watch Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. I was on the fence at the beginning. The amount of lousy (though entertaining, I still watch) superhero shows on TV nowadays have made me somewhat critical to anything from the Marvel universe entering TV land. But I am digging it so far, in fact I praise the writers for going a this direction. Charlie Cox is a great leading man and Vincent D’Onofrio is killing it as Wilson Frisk aka Kingpin. And then there’s Rosario Dawson again (the woman is everywhere these days).

Saturday was Hot Tub Time! I had been waiting for this all year. Adam Scott, god I love the guy, if only for his Parks & Recreation character Ben Wyatt.

On Sunday K arrived back home again. I couldn’t be happier, don’t get me wrong, but his homecoming was also the end of my binge-watching week. When asked what I did all weekend, I shamelessly admitted to having a TV marathon, all week. I reminded him again how unfortunate it was we didn’t get to spend our anniversary together this year. But fact was, I had almost completely forgotten about it.

So, what shows do you (binge) watch?

Binge watching Daredevil