All Black + RMP!

During lunch, my colleagues are constantly trying to convince me that The Hague is the better city. While K and I did go house hunting in The Hague a while back, we were instantly reminded of how much it was not like Amsterdam and how much we would actually hate that. There we were, checking out an apartment on the 36th floor with a view that will make you bow down and swear your allegiance to the city. But we just couldn’t. Amsterdam is what we know and love. It’s where we both grew up. It’s where all of our family and friends are. And most of all, it’s where our beloved Zuidas is. Ever since we moved here, we’ve been living in this bubble. We are in love with the busy square on weekdays and the peace and quietness here on weekends. Our friends and family think us crazy. But we adore this little neighborhood. And I just couldn’t see myself living anywhere else (in the Netherlands) right now. So yeah, you won’t see me leaving this place for the Hague any time soon!




I bought this sweater in Newcastle a while back. My sister, cousin and I had been shopping all day. I am not a big splurgier when it comes to clothes. But when I have my eyes fixed on something, chances are it will end up in my bag. I’ve been rocking this sweater in and out for weeks now with this cold weather. If I could sleep in it, I probably would.



Sweater Next | skirt Mango | tote H&M

Last weekend, I finally teamed up with my pal Mindy to do our first shoot for Rainy Mondays. We have been talking about making short films together for ages. And now we’re finally doing it. I’m not sure how often yet. We both have full-time jobs so we still have to see how things go. But boy am I excited about this! Some of you will know I entered a short film competition two years ago, for which I won third price. And last year I was one of Cinemasia Filmfestival’s short filmmakers who got a feature screening at Amsterdam’s De Balie and Rotterdam’s Lantarenvenster. I’m excited to work with Mindy on our first short for Rainy Monday Productions. It’s something we’re both really passionate about. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is our #Hashtag parody video (nerd edition) and an introductory video (with bloopers!). Enjoy 😉


Alright, that was just for swag‘s sake.