Blogger Gear: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Blogger

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Blogger

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Blogger
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Blogger

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Blogger

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Blogger

I have been looking for the perfect blogger laptop for a while now. While I do most of my work on my Mac (especially editing photos), I wanted a lightweight laptop I could take with me on the road. A laptop I could email, blog and edit smaller files with, without feeling too heavy in my already-heavy camera bag.

I recently got to try out the Microsoft Surface Pro. Here are my thoughts!

1. Specs

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a 12 inch laptop with a full HD 2,160 x 1,440 IPS panel screen. It’s 9,1mm thin, has Intel Core i5 processors (Haswell) and from 64GB to 512GB storage. It weights only 0,8kg, which is quite impressive. The Surface does not come with the typesleeve and pen – you’ll have to buy these separately. With the typesleeve, it weighs 1,1kg. The Surface has a strong build. It’s sturdy and feels very much like a laptop. It has a solid battery life of 9 hours fully charged.

2. What is it?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is being marketed as ‘the tabled that can replace your laptop’. Basically what Microsoft was aiming for here was bringing you a powerful but portable device. You can’t have missed the Surface – it’s being marketed aggressively.

3. Power 

I was quite impressed with how much the Surface can do. Besides basic features like emailing, surfing, watching films etc., it also does well with photo editing. I installed a version of Lightroom on the Surface and was able to edit photos without any hiccups. This makes the Surface the perfect companion for any photographer looking to edit on the road.

4. Size & weight

There are smaller tablets out there but the size didn’t bother me. It’s nicely thin which makes it easy to slip the Surface into your bag and take it with you on your way out. If you’re carrying a heavy camera in your bag most of your days, the weight of the Surface is very convenient.

5. Battery life

The Surface has a decent battery life of 9 hours. On our road trip the battery was able to last for days at times.

6. Price

The Surface isn’t cheap for a tablet. It’ll set you back about EUR 1.000 for the Intel Core i5 / 128 GB, which is quite expensive for a tablet.

7. Verdict

The Surface is a powerful and portable device. And I did like working with the stylus and typesleeve. But the price tag is a bit too high for a tablet, even with these specs (and without the typesleeve and stylus, EUR 150). You’re better off buying an actual laptop. They won’t be as small, thin or lightweight, but you can get a laptop with much better specs. If the price is not a deal-breaker though, it’s a solid tablet.

Would you guys buy the Surface?

Microsoft Surface Pro, buy it here or here.

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