Bobbi Brown Natural Glow

Natural Glow With Bobbi Brown

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


beauty | 24 October 2016

Created for Bobbi Brown

Now that the summer is gone, we can’t depend on the sun anymore to give us that golden glow. Instead, we can try to achieve the same glow in the fall and winter ourselves. Bobbi Brown is a makeup brand I admire due to its philosophy. Staying natural is the main goal with Bobbi Brown and isn’t that what all women should want in the end? To try to look good in the best version of themselves possible, as naturally as possible?

Bobbi Brow developed her brand with the idea to achieve a flawless and natural looking skin without all the digital touch ups with Photoshop and other photo editing programs. Instead, she realized it is better to focus on a better skin (hence, the numerous amazing skin products – will write about this in the future) and a natural look achievable through simple make up techniques and products.

Here’s how I achieve a natural glow with Bobbi Brown products! 

Natural Glow With Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Nourishing Milk


A hydrated skin is essential to achieving a flawless look. I use the Bobbi Brown Extra nourishing milk to moisturize my face and prep for make up. The nourishing milk is a light formula that contains oils as well, to boost and nourish your skin for an instant radiance. I apply this on dry skin, after my essence and before my moisturizer. I just got the nourishing milk but it has become one of my favorite products to use every morning because it’s so soothing and soft.


Starting with my under eye area, I use a corrector to balance out the darkness and a concealer right after. For my skin tone, the perfect color is Light Peach. The pink hues neutralize the under eye darkness.

As a foundation, I use the Natural serum foundation. Apply the foundation by using a face brush in circular motions. Sometimes if I’m in a rush, I will just use my hands to apply my foundation. I find that it creates an even more natural look.

After foundation, there’s a chance your face looks bland and flat. So after you’ve finished applying foundation, always contour the face by using a bronzing and highlighting powder. Bobbi Brown has a line of finishing powders that contain light reflective particles to give your skin a gorgeous lit-from-within glow.

Before starting on the eyes, it is essential to first ‘frame’ it. Brows are a frequently neglected part (even by yours truly) or people don’t know the right way to shape your brows. I recently visited the Bobbi Brown counter at the Bijenkorf for a consultation and treatment. Sevda is a master of brows and knows what to do with even the slightest of hair. On my brows I am using a grey powdered pencil.

Natural Glow With Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Paris Palette

Bobbi Brown Paris Palette


For my eyes, I am going for a soft smoky. Using Bobbi Brown’s stunning Paris Palette, I apply the greige eyeshadow all over my eyelid and the gunmetal/grey eyeshadow in the outer corners of my eyes. Blend out the harsh lines with the soft nude and apply this on the brow bone as well as a highlighter under the brows. The dark grey/black eyeshadow I use to softly line my upper eyelids.

I then go over my eyes with the Bobbi Brown Black ink liner – smooth it out for a softer look.

On my lashes, I’m wearing the Bobbi Brown Intensifying long-wear mascara – perfect for my short Asian eyelashes!

Natural Glow With Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown always says you have to start your day with a smile. Apply a blush on the apples of your cheeks by smiling – this lifts your cheeks so you will know exactly where you want your blush to be. We’ve used an illuminating powder already, but for an extra glow, preferably one with a rosy hue, I love using my Shimmer brick in Rose. It just adds a little bit of extra spark and live to the cheeks!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color


To finish, I always find that a natural look looks best with a nude lips. And Bobbi Brown just so happens to have a range of nude lip colors.

And there you have it – a natural glowing look that will get you through the cold weather this season whilst keeping a bit of color and ‘live’ on your face. As a photographer I always try to limit the editing process to a minimum. Because in the end, what you really want is to photograph a subject in its truest form. In that respect, Bobbi Brown has a great photographic eye. Products to enhance the smoothness of the skin, highlight and contouring shadows – it’s all basic knowledge to a photographer really!

But what makes Bobbi Brown one of my favorite make up brands is their philosophy of achieving a natural look – and aiming to maintain and create the best version of yourself.

For a consultation on what to do with your type of skin, how to deal with your brows, what to do with your eye shape and all other questions, the Bobbi Brown counter at the Bijenkorf is ready to help you on your way of achieving your preferred look. If you’ve always struggled with certain areas on your skin or face, there’s a chance Bobbi Brown has an answer for it!

Natural Glow With Bobbi Brown

Natural Glow With Bobbi Brown