Calling All Curious

Calling All Curious Fossil Manreppeller

The blogging world is a curious one. To insiders, it’s a platform for sharing, creating, inspiring and connecting. To the outer world, it is perceived as an artificial sphere of millennials showcasing a highly exaggerated version of their lives, pushing each other into an ever-growing ego-filled bubble.

This week a video about Instagram Husbands went viral and instagrammers and bloggers alike became the point of ridicule. This comes not long after the debate sparked by the coming out of Essena O’Neill about the shallowness and contrived realities of social influencers.

I’m not going to deny it – there is certainly a group of instagrammers and bloggers who try their best to magnify the significance of every tiny aspect of their lives and who boast about giftings and the perks of being a blogger. There seems to be a need of glorification and an illusional belief that the more you show (off), the better you are doing.

This is regrettably shallow and short-sighted but obviously, to each their own. But just because a part of the group follows this practice, doesn’t mean the same goes for all bloggers.

Sure, you’ll have to weed through the mess but, believe me, there is a group of bloggers who are creating their own paths. Bloggers who are passing up a quick buck and who are in it for the long run. Bloggers who are still in it to inspire and connect and who are keeping their blog as their own creative platform. Talented writers, poets, photographers, illustrators, musicians, marketeers – they’re out there.




Calling All Curious Fossil Manreppeller

Calling All Curious Fossil Kaleidoscope
Calling All Curious Fossil Women Watches

I myself have wondered about The Avantguardian and what I want this platform to be. It’s a blog driven by photography so I do sometimes fear for crossing the line between inspiring and showing the good side of life too much. To me the blog is also a way of showcasing my work and building my brand. And I try to find a good balance between fashion, food and travel. I can enjoy dressing up in beautiful garments like any other girl. But put me on a plane to Iceland for a landscape photography tour and I’ll be just as happy (if not, even more). And with that, I hope to build an honest audience of strong, independent women who are here to empower and inspire each other to become better versions of themselves.

There’s no point in being like the rest – your own you is far more interesting anyway. But that’s just my two cents.

Now, on to the shoot! This week’s editorial post features Fossil watches. Fossil is known for their classic and timeless designs. Their new holiday collection (#CallingAllCurious, in collaboration with ManRepeller Leandra Medine) shows a fun and quirky side of Fossil you may not have seen before.

I went with a different direction with the Kaleidoscope watch – I wanted it styled in a feminine and classy way. The look is a dark holiday look with a gorgeous black satin skirt (the perfect holiday skirt really) and a not-too-showy lace top. Nicole (who you’ll remember was also a model for my previous shoots here and here), looks like a spokeswoman for the brand in these photos – she looks fierce as ever.

Alright, back to the daily grind. I’m out.

Calling All Curious Fossil Manreppeller
Calling All Curious Fossil Manreppeller
Calling All Curious Fossil Manreppeller

Model: Nicole
Zara Satin Skirt // Zara Lace Top
Fossil Watches – Kaleidoscope