Kruidfabriek Kruiden Peter Lute

De Kruidfabriek

We had to witness the latest talk of the town. With De Kruidfabriek, Peter aims to transform his food again. Focus has shifted to herbs and spices.

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Wolf Atelier Amsterdam Tartar Tartaria

Wolf Atelier

Wolf Atelier has, since its opening, attracted a wide audience of food lovers. At Wolf Atelier, executive chef Michael Wolf – known for his,…

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Ijsmanschap Amsterdam Popsicle Bar


Today, we’re featuring Ijsmanschap. Ijsmanschap is one of Amsterdam’s latest hotspots and it’s an ice cream bar solely dedicated to serving popsicles. You may,…

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The White Room Amsterdam Krasnapolsky

The White Room

The White Room is led by Jacob Jan Boerma, who received his third Michelin star for his restaurant De Leest in 2014. At the White Room, Boerma aims to create,…

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