Chanel No5 Red Limited Edition

Chanel No5 Red Limited Edition

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October 2018

A new design

Chanel No.5 is one of the most alluring scents in the world and its bottle is equally iconic. For the first time in history, the bottle is getting a makeover. For this season, the Chanel no.5 red limited edition presents itself. The red design is stunning and sleek and gives the perfume a whole new look and feel.

The limited editions

The new bottle (100ml) is coloured vibrantly red – a statement colour to match the perfume’s iconic status. If you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else for the holidays, this will definitely be the perfect gift.

For the occasion, 55 exclusive bottles will be released with red baccarat crystals. Each bottle (900ml) will be numbered and will be a collector’s item for the real enthusiasts of the fashion house I reckon!

What do you think – does the bright red limited edition bottle suit the scent? The bottle is available starting 1 November.

Chanel No5 Red Limited Edition