Chanel Rouge Allure INK

Chanel Rouge Allure INK

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


beauty | 17 October 2016

A good red lipstick isn’t easy to find, let alone one that is moisturizing, vibrant and preferably matte at the same time. I don’t know about you guys, but with the cold weather starting, I am battling chapped lips again. Chanel recently launched their Rouge Allure INK collection – a line of matte lip colors in a silky smooth texture. The lip colors contain an emollient agent, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil – with a formula like this, lips remain soft and silky throughout the day.

I tried out the INK collection last week. They’re supposed to be long-wearing so on a day full of business meetings, I decided to pop on a mauve pink color for the whole day. Surprisingly, the color stuck, like ink, to my lips. Upon application the lip color feels like a lip gloss but after a few minutes it sort of fades into your skin and it’s more like a lipstick. Definitely smoother!

Here are some of the colors from the collection and how/when to wear them!

Chanel Rouge Allure INK Amoureux


This is one of those my-lips-but-better colors. It’s a pink beige, leaning towards a mauve. It’s gorgeous when applied on the lips. Perfect for business days or weekends.


A bright red that is simply stunning. Wear this on your night out in the town with your girlfriends. This is one of those colors that will make even the most casual jeans and t-shirt outfit look chic. Definitely one of my faves!

Chanel Rouge Allure INK Libere

Chanel Rouge Allure INK Experimente


A gorgeous plum red – deeper than Libere and with bluer hints. It’s a seductive color – rock this with a simple cat-eye wing and you’re good to go. Perfect for fall looks and for any date night with the boyfriend!


There’s definitely a fine line between Choquant and Libere – both are deep red colors that look great for fall and any night look. Where Libere has more bluer tones, Choquant is definitely leaning more towards reds and browns. This is another seductive color you could rock on date night. It just depends whether your skin tone is more cold (go with Libere) or warm (go with Choquant).

Chanel Rouge Allure INK Choquant

Chanel Rouge Allure INK Vivant


lf dark fall looks don’t interest you at all and you just want to stun with a bright lip color, then Vivant is your thing. It’s a bright red with orange tones. I’d say this is beautiful on both warm and cold skin tones (it’s gorgeous on my yellow-toned skin). One of the prettiest colors I’ve seen all year.