Chanel Collection Libre (New Picks!)

Chanel Collection Libre

Chanel Collection Libre

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


beauty | 5 December 2016

Chanel recently came out with a new collection: Libre. Inspired by cityscapes and urban materials, the collection features cool metallic tones and offers some colorful blush and lip shades.

One of the items from the collection is Liquid Mirror, a silver metallic nail polish that shines on your nails like a shimmery silver foil. The color is the perfect color to finish off your edgy/glamorous holiday look. I am somewhat obsessed with metallic nail polishes so this has become a go-to for me.

Hyperrose Glass is the opposite – it’s a light, almost translucent pink nail polish that has a glassy finish. The polish is perfect for every-day wear. My tip is to wear this with a gel coat to make it even more glassy.   

Part of the collection is the Rouge Allure Gloss in Super Coral – a stunning coral lip gloss. 

Coral lip colors tend to make my skin look dull but this color works better for me somehow. It’s a coral that leans slightly towards a rosy pink.

I wore this gloss almost every day when we were in Vietnam and love the vibrancy of the color!

*Purchase of Super Coral is only available in the Chanel E-Boutique

Chanel Collection Libre

Chanel Collection Libre

The star of the collection is the Architectonic eyeshadow palette. The palette consists of five shades: a matte midnight blue, the shimmery metallic blue, platinum grey (my favorite), cement grey and mirror grey.

When I buy an eyeshadow palette, what I look for is a good range between mattes, shimmers and highlighting shades. This palette offers all in stunning cool tones.

The first look I created with this palette was with matte midnight blue on the lash line with a subtle cat eye in the outer corners and platinum grey on the lids. Blended out, it was a beautiful smoky and edgy night look. But I felt like I could have also left it as it was – with harsh lines, the shades create an almost futuristic and artistic look.

When it comes to blushes, I’m a sucker for pigmented shades with a glow effect. Hyperfresh is a gorgeous bright pink with subtle golden flecks. Apply this gently with a blush brush on the apples of your cheeks and blend out the glowing particles towards the cheeks.

This blush will have your cheeks look rosy and plump all winter!

Chanel Collection Libre

Chanel Collection Libre

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