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column | 31 October 2016

For the longest of time I have been fascinated by cinemagraphs. I don’t recall when exactly I saw them for the first time – it could have been from my time on Flickr. But I do remember thinking – this is one of those magical photographs from the Harry Potter films that I need to get on asap. The smoothness and subtlety of movement in a cinemagraph makes it a captivating way of freezing time. Without knowing, I recently had the fortune of meeting the creators of the first ever cinemagraphs, Jamie Back and Kevin Burg. It was during last month’s Ruinart Harvest Camp, when I and a group of fellow digital creatives were invited for a little content creation session. I only learned it was them when I searched for the other participant’s creations on socials. I would have loved speaking to them about the art of cinemagraphy (not to be mistaken with cinematography) and what is the key to a great cinemagraph.

I created some of my own cinemagraphs for my Zalando Creative Content Icon Awards entry. A lot of time and effort went into the post but I had such great time creating this post. I am not a woman of many words. I don’t party, I don’t work out, I may zone out when I’m in company of others. But boy do I feel alive when I look at a beautiful photograph or seeing my aesthetics come to life in my editorial posts.

I realize that it is virtually impossible to create a post like this every week. I am looking for an intern to help me out (let me know if you know anyone). But until then, I will strive to put out great content, if not better, by the week. Hope you guys enjoy this week’s posts. We’ll be back with some great posts again next week (including the H&M x Kenzo collab – look out for that one!).