Coffeeshop La Tertulia / Vincent van Gogh mural

The other day I ran into this coffeeshop La Tertulia situated on the corner of Oude Looiersgracht / Prinsengracht. The coffeeshop stands out from the usual dark and kitschy coffeeshop decor with their lovely Vincent van Gogh mural. One of the questions you get asked most by tourists in Amsterdam, is where you can find the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The sale of cannabis for personal consumption by the public has been tolerated for years by the local authorities so it’s easy to assume that ‘Amsterdammers’ visit coffeeshops regularly. Truth is, the one time I ever came close to entering a coffeeshop was when they shot a scene from Ocean’s Eleven at De Dampkring and I so badly wanted to go in to see my then-crush Dr. Doug Ross. But the next time I’m asked about a coffeeshop, I won’t hesitate to direct them to this coffeeshop Van Gogh mural.