Coloring The Winter

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
beauty | 9 January 2017
Photography: Studio Igrien
Created for: Essie


One of the best ways to battle winter blues is to go with colorful make up. Sure you can go all natural or neutral this winter season. But to me, nothing is sassier than rocking bright colors on your nails or more satisfying than wearing a seductive red to go with the grey and moody days.

Before you jump the gun with your colorful palettes, here’s some tips!

1. Don’t go summer just yet

While canary yellows and pillarbox red are the perfect colors to lift any mood, it’s not exactly the look you want to go for now. You want add more color and vibrance – but not be the clown of the party. Go for a soft ballerina pink on the nails or a toned down mauve blush on the cheeks.

2. Shim-shim-shimmery

Adding shimmers or glitters is always a great way to give your look an extra spark. A glittery sequined dress may be too much now but there’s nothing wrong with adding a glittery detail or two. On the nails, I’d go with a shimmery gold or a shimmery light grey color.

3. sophisticated dark

Dark tones are great for the winter. Especially if you have a dark purple color or a seductive dark red. I’m not able to rock it with my skin tone, but dark muted greens can look stunning as well.

Good luck brightening your winter!