Colourful Living

Do you have a colourful living room? Or are you afraid of adding that extra bit of colour in your interior? Perhaps you don’t like colours at all in your house. When K and I started living together, we didn’t know how we were going to decorate yet, but we knew it was going to be all dark brown and white. We associated a colourful interior with people who walk around in coloured pyjama’s sitting in their bright yellow Arne Jacobson chairs, being all hipster happy. That wasn’t for us. But sometimes I do wonder how fun it would be to trade our cold and neutral interior for a warm and colourful living situation. If I did, I’d go with a small change first. Here are five ways to transform your stark cold black & white interior into a bright(er) home, step by step.

Colourful Interior

1. Colourful pillows They’re an easy way to start your colourful living aspirations. It’s a small commitment, they’re there when you want them to be but removable when you can’t stand the happiness these prints and colours exude.

Colourful Interior

2. Colourful Cabinets Without having to go all out, you can add a little bit of colour in your interior by adding these colourful cabinets. Want to be bold? Skip the neutrals and opt for brighter colours instead.

Colourful Interior

3. Colourful Lamps This adds a spark to even the whitest and coldest interiors. And they’re fun and they brighten up your house! Get it? Bright?  Because they’re lamps.

Colourful Interior

4. Coloured Tiles When you don’t have the luxury of living in a tropical region, at least you can pretend you are. Only for the boldest among us: a colourful tiled floor.

Colourful Interior

5. Coloured Walls Alright, and if you really wanted to go all out, you’d have to get a coloured wall, lamp and decorate the rest of the house with colours as well. Just, don’t go with those yellow hipster chairs. Anything but those.

Colourful Interior

 So, what is your living situation like now?

[Images: Pinterest]

  • Whitney V

    I love colour, so adding colour has never een a problem for me -though some guidance is good to not go crazy! Love these inspo pics as the rest of the surroundings are so clean, so soft, light colour work so well!


    • Thanks for stopping by Whitney!
      My favourite colour is red, the fiercest colour of all! But when it comes to decorating my own house, I tend to lean towards neutrals more. Hope my tips will help you!

  • Oh wow!!! I love this post so much. We’re actually looking for an apartment to buy and I couldn’t be more excited. Right now we’re renting and as you know, there are so many limits to what you can do! Currently our brightest colors come from these two giant abstract paintings we have hanging up– I love them. Such a great post!

    Simplicity Relished

    • Thanks Daisy!
      Colourful paintings – great idea! I should have added that in the post! I hope the tips in this post will help you when you start decorating your apartment! Where do you live? Do you know what kind of apartment you’d want?

      • We live in Pasadena! We have a few requirements but my main goal is to get plenty of natural light, and preferably a good walking neighborhood. 🙂

        • Lots of natural light was key for us as well. It’s why we ended up choosing our current apartment! Good luck with finding the apartment of your dreams! 😀

  • Charlie D

    I am not a fan of bright interiors either (probably in opposition to the blue filled home I grew up in). I get tired of colours very quickly also but I have been thinking of adding some touches. I really like yellow and so the last picture is quite inspiring ! Might have to give it a go.

    Charlie xx

    • Haha, yellow is one of those colours you either love or hate. You won’t find yellow in my house soon, but that colour has a way of making you smile doesn’t it?
      Thanks for stopping by again Charlie!

      • Charlie D

        Indeed ! And it’s my pleasure !

  • wow amazing Ideas … thanks for sharing

    check out my blog

  • Color pieces are fun to scatter arougn the house! Good inspiration! Thanks.

    xo Aurora