Come Away With Me

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September 2017

The word is out – I am engaged. Engaged to be married that is. It’s strange how much recent events have changed me as a person, as a woman and as an artist trying to work on her craft. It’s certainly a cliche when I say that being proposed to does something enormously wonderful to you. You feel loved, you feel in love. You feel grown up! At my age, thirty-one, I guess it’s a good time to finally reach a point where you can say, alright, I’m quite content now. For the first time in life, there’s a point of clarity, happiness and it all comes together somehow.

Mother responded rather indifferent to the news naturally. Like a Chinese tiger mom would. I didn’t expect any less but seeing as she’s been nagging us for grandchildren, this must be something that fits into her idea of how my life should be. Me, settled, her, getting ready to take over my children’s life. I look forward to that day. It’s times like these when I miss my grandmother the most. She would, like my mother, casually respond to it but I know she’d be thrilled and she would love K.

Recently I’ve taken on a new career opportunity. I am responsible for creative campaigns for designer fashion at Dutch luxury department store de Bijenkorf. When I quit my job as a tax lawyer I had no clue what I wanted to do yet or where I’d end up. From the collaborations I’ve been fortunate enough to do on the blog and many amazing opportunities that have come my way through my photography work, it has been a long ride but one that is finally starting to feel like a body of work I can be proud of.

There’s that content again. Am I growing up?

Anyhow. With all these changes, and a new studio we’ve acquired, I do not plan to give up on this space just yet. On the contrary – we’re going full speed this season. Last year around this time I decided to focus on building a framework that I could work with for the different topics we have on The Avantguardian. It worked out well and I was able to grow readership to a new high. This year, going into our forth year, we’re going to focus more on editorial photography and feature only the topics we think matter and we’re going to do it in a bi-weekly run. We’re still fine-tuning things – it’s an ongoing process. But while others are jumping ship and crossing over entirely to platforms like Instagram, we still believe in inspiring through editorials in a blog format. There’s only so much you can show in one post but you can tell a whole story and visually intrigue readers on a blog. The only thing that wasn’t ready for this new launch was video – we’re still working out how to incorporate that in our editorials (if you know any video editors, send them our way).

For now, thank you for sticking with us so far. And we look forward to all the things we’re going to create here. Stay tuned – watch this space.