Cosy Trendy Color Palette

Cosy Trendy Streetfood Bowls Cooking Life


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 25 April 2017

Created for Cosy & Trendy / Cooking Life
Photography Studio Igrien

I love tableware. When I visited my friend Paola‘s place the other day, I couldn’t stop drooling over the gorgeous sets of tableware pieces she had in her prop closet. Paola is a food stylist who creates the most amazing images with her use of plates, flowers and her mouthwatering dishes. I am no cook myself. The only time I am ever in the kitchen is to help K with cooking. K is the real chef at home – I’m just the girl finishing up the food!

But I love plating and the art of a good plate. K and I host dinners for our friends from time to time and my job is to do the plating. I see plating as an art form – it’s almost like painting but you’re playing with textures and balance as well. One key element to a beautiful plate, is of course the plate itself. These plates are from Cosy & Trendy. This collection is visually stunning. I did an instagram post this morning to illustrate the lightness (and importance) of breakfast in the morning but also to highlight the gorgeous colors from these plates.

I may do a post about plating in the future. But for now, you can drool over the color palette of Cosy & Trendy plates. They are cute, aren’t they?!

Cosy Trendy Streetfood Bowls Cooking Life

Cosy Trendy Streetfood Bowls Cooking Life