Curing A Blue Monday

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life | 23 January 2017
Created for Origins
Photography: Studio Igrien

Monday has always been my least favorite day of the week. It’s the end of the weekend and marks the beginning of yet another working week. This particular Monday, feels even bluer to me. The inauguration of one of the most unqualified persons ever in history to become the president of the free world is like the dawn of a dark age. Can we ever wake up from this nightmare? I have reason to be proud though, all of us do. Of the women marching all over the world for democracy and human rights. Of a unity so strong it survives even the worst things in life.

One of the ways to still enjoy a bad Monday, is to treat yourself to something nice. Change the negative narrative into a positive one.

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One of the ways to cure your #BlueMonday is to set up a little spa for yourself.

1. Yoga or meditation

A little yoga session will do you good, trust me. I am in no way a yogi but I do love the way it connects your mind with your body. And it makes you feel at peace.

2. A hot shower

There’s nothing as good as a hot shower. It relaxes your body and muscles and relieves your tensions. Don’t do this too often though – it does dry up the skin.

3. Beauty mask

To end the spa, treat yourself to a nice mask. One of my favorite masks is from Origins. I love their use of natural ingredients and their masks always leave my skin feeling soft and revitalized. Use the Active Charcoal mask to clear pores and the Overnight Mask to hydrate the skin. I would recommend doing both at least once a week (you can do the first on Monday and second on Thursday, right before #TGIF). If you have oily skin like me, I’d recommend the 10 Minute Mask as well (I do this once every two weeks). 

Happy Monday everyone!

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