De Saffraan

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort

I received my Triangl bikini last week and the first thing I thought was – I
am never ever going to fit into this. Not with all the tastings I’ve been doing
these last couple of months. I have been avoiding the weighing scale expertly
and I refuse to exercise (it’s just no fun). It’s a miracle that somehow no one
has made a remark yet about any possible weight gain. It doesn’t matter
anyway. What matters is that we enjoy food. And enjoy I have. At this particular
restaurant, De Saffraan, in Amersfoort, I was reminded again how incredibly
simple yet unique a restaurant can be. The cuisine served was nothing short of
amazing. Curious to see what we had?

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort
Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort

First things first: the restaurant is located on a renovated clipper. On
sunny days, guests are invited to eat on the deck, which was an absolute
thrill. Even though you’re not actually sailing, it does add a little magic to
the experience. We start with the restaurant’s signature drink: a sweet
pineapple cocktail with a hint of saffron (‘saffraan’). A lovely start of the
lunch. Accompanying the cocktail, was a box full of crisps, varying from
banana crisps to cheese crisps.

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse
Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse

The cuisine served at De Saffraan is definitely modern with lovely twists here
and there. This first amuse was a deconstructed vegetable soup. How delightful!
The amuse was followed by a piccalilly ice cream cone (sour ice cream cones
are all the rage these days, and with reason) and a cilinder of onion and chives.
Lastly, we were served a red beet cube with goat cheese and quinoa.

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse

We continue with a colourful tuna roll, paired with a variety of
seasonal vegetables, executed perfectly in different techniques. This
was a stunning dish. The lemon vinaigrette was light as ever and the
cucumber leaves, coriander cushions and tomato mousse made this a
beautiful, elegant starter.

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Voorgerecht Starter

The main was a veal sweetbread with seasonal vegetables on the side.
The vegetables were lined up in a gorgeous display, showing great
craftsmanship). The veal sweetbread was creamy and tender. Overall,
this was a pleasing dish.

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Amuse

Last but not least, a trio of desserts. A rum ice cream with a banana parfait,
chocolate mousse, chocolate crumb, mango roll, banana. A coffee cream with
toffee, camille and fruits. And a red fruit bowl with cream. These dishes were
the perfect finish to an already stunning meal. It’s no secret, I am a sweet tooth.
And these desserts had all the ingredients to win me over. The bitternes of the
chocolate crumb, the coffee cream, a floral hint, some fruits here and there. The
texture in the desserts was spot on (crumby, creamy, chewy).

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Dessert

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Dessert
Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Dessert

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort THE AVANTGUARDIAN

(good food equals happy woman)

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Interior Interieur

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Interior Interieur

This is one of the few restaurants where we had a memorable experience.
There were familiar combinations at times, but then we were surprised
by contrasting flavours as well. The dishes were executed perfectly, with
refined techniques. As a photographer, I look for plates that look good (you
eat with your eyes first) and photograph good as well. The dishes presented
definitely had a great balance of colourful ingredients and textures and were
presented in a light and sophisticated manner. Our host was highly attentive
and pleasant to talk to (not too formal). All in all I am pleasantly surprised
by the outstanding service of Kars van Wechem, Monique Korteschiel and
their team at De Saffraan. Seeing the dishes presented to us perfectly, dish
after dish, was a joy to see. De Saffraan is winging it and I can’t wait for my
next visit.

Tip: I’d recommend making reservations on a sunny day, so you can go and enjoy a lunch or dinner on deck!

Restaurant De Saffraan Amersfoort Mint

  • K.

    Your food photos always have me drooling lol. I am sitting here thinking, why don’t I have that for dinner? lol. I am so loving the ambiance of this place as well. Simply stunning post.

    Kia / House of KTS (formerly known as Pure & Complex)

    • Thank you Kia 🙂 I loved the place and definitely recommend it. It’s places like these that make me love being a foodie even more!

      Thanks for the kind words and thank you for stopping by!

  • Oh my goodness this looks so amazing! Love the photos. And seriously, I have been trying to make some slightly healthier eating choices to slim down, but when it comes to eating out, I think life is too short to not enjoy all the delicious food in the world <3

    Pink Wings

    • I definitely agree. We can’t cut down on good food! Not too much at least. I think the trick is to eat well, but exercise as well – something I’m not doing much of to be honest.

      Thank you for stopping by Gina!

  • You’re always eating the most amazing foods! I love modern cuisine like the dishes you posted here, sometimes they look too good to eat though haha The desserts are too cute!


    • Thank you Shannon 🙂 I have a hard time cutting into artworks like these. I enjoy just looking at it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Those ice cream and sweets gives me cravings.

    Lovely food photos.


    Check my new post.

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    • Oh yes, a fellow sweet tooth! I enjoyed the desserts immensely! Guilty pleasures…
      Thanks for stopping by Zarrah Jane!

  • That food looks so exotic


  • Everything looks tasty! Beautiful photos!!!!


  • Hi beauty! I’ve discovered your blog from Shine By Three’s one, and I have to say that you have a pretty cool blog! I’m definitely gonna come back to it ^^
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  • These photos are making me drool, I want to eat here.

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    • Haha, mission accomplished then! Definitely check it out when you’re in the Netherlands!

  • Ika

    Everything looks soooo delicious! Love the concept to experience to ‘sail’ 🙂
    I’m so hungry now by looking at this post 😀

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    • It’s been a month since I was there but these pics make me drool too, haha! I need to learn how to plate my dishes like this ;D

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    Great shots! The place looks wonderful and the food looks so delicious!
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    Hi beautiful, OMG what an amazing blog you have, I love your writing and the pics look great, I wish I could visit this place!!

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  • I was wrong! Reading your food posts is dangerous even when you’ve just had a huge meal…haha…This place is seriously the bomb! And you do indeed look like a very happy (and beautiful) woman. Ahh….i want to try every single dish now…

    Jasmin xx

    • Thanks Jasmin 🙂 My bf always makes photos of me before and after I eat. The before pics are significantly less charming (and definitely more frightening!) haha!

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    Wow wow wow, your photos are just amazing!! And everything looks sooooo good! I totally get what you say, I’m a foodie as well so I know it’s hard -hope you get to fit in your Triangl! 😀


    • Thank you so much Whitney! Those Triangl bikinis are dangerous for foodies 🙁

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