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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 19 June 2017

Design Your Life The Avantguardian Igrien

We take control over even the littlest things in our life (how does my Instagram feed look, what am I watching out of the thousand Netflix shows tonight, which juice is cleaner, a beet or carrot juice), but when it comes to planning our life goals, we seem completely clueless, or at least passive in our actions.

When I was a lawyer, I saw corporate life as this inanimate thing that was somehow able to suck the life right out of people. It is in some way the chore of our existence and life is built around it instead of the other way around. Colleagues at work (and even myself at one point) were living life from one week to another, without any significant plans besides work-related things. Every plan we had, had to in some way be aligned with work and ambitions remained in the limited space of work and the usual corporate goal (I want to become a partner one day). God forbid if you had a different goal, you would risk not being taken seriously at work.

Only when I left, did I discover that there were so many fellow dreamers around me. Dreams stayed unrealised by fear of the unknown and losing their financial stability or status. Or ten years had passed like nothing and they felt that it was too late to do anything now. But big dreams they were!

Thinking back at it now, I think it’s odd how consumerism is making us so good at making choices these days. We know where to shop the best bargains, we know the best restaurant menus in town and we have our favourite hotels we love to stay at when we’re traveling. With everything, we’ve become so keen on scoring the best deals. We want to get the best out of what is offered to us. But when it comes to life decisions, we seem to have accepted that some things are the way they are. Of course life decisions are not made easily. You cannot compare shopping with deciding on whether or not to quit your job and pursue your dreams of course.

But it seems rather illogical that we spend more time making plans for our home decorations than we do on our life plans!

One of my main motivations to start The Avantguardian was to explore life more. The blog is about dressing well, eating well, traveling well and ultimately to live well. You can never have control over all things in life, but where we can, we can steer and accelerate.

So here’s my question to you today on this Monday. What does our ideal life look like? Are you already there and if not, what do you need to do to realise this?

Design Your Life The Avantguardian Igrien

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