Dim Sum Now Amsterdam

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

Amsterdam has a new dim sum spot and it’s aptly called Dim Sum Now. I mean the answer to when it’s time to have dim sum is always going to be now, surely. We walk in on a Monday afternoon. The interior is minimal with white tiled walls and Muuto E27 pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room is the steaming counter, where baskets are piled up filled with steamy goodness, ready to be consumed.

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp
Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp
Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

The menu shows different offerings from dumplings to different kinds of gyoza. Dumplings on the menu vary from shiu mai (veal or chicken), Shanghai dumpling (or xiao long bao, with pork or fish) and a vegetable dumpling. The gyozas come in pork, seafood, chicken, duck or spinach. We start with the Dumpling XL and Gyoza XL; both menus feature a selection of dumplings and gyozas and are served with either a seaweed salad or edamame and a pot of tea. The sets are served in beautiful bamboo baskets and wooden trays, giving it a cleaner look than what you would get at a typical dim sum restaurant.

We were delighted to learn that the dim sum is prepared without additives like MSG or other taste enhancers. This is a new concept that I’m sure many Chinese people from the previous generation won’t understand. Chinese restaurants use MSG to a large extent but it has become the centre of a heavy debate about whether or not it is healthy (it is said to cause headaches). As a Dutch-born Chinese, I’ve been exposed to the use of MSG all my life and have never felt a discomfort caused by it. But I’d much more prefer a way of cooking where ingredients are highlighted and enjoyed in their most natural way.

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp
Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp
Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

We sample two more items, from the Very Specials this time: a lotus leaf wrap (which I finished in a matter of seconds) and gloriously delicious sweet buns. 

The verdict? Every Chinese has a favorite dim sum place to go to in Amsterdam and so does yours truly (even though some are outside of Amsterdam (The Hague)). But we loved this place for its natural way of preparing dim sum, which I think is the first step for Chinese cuisine to, after decades of serving the same, step into newer territories. Dim Sum Now is the first to do it, silently revolutionizing the Chinese food scene with this approach and I’m glad they’re doing it. The menu is limited now, but we can’t wait to see more offerings on the menu the next time I’m in Amsterdam.

Dim Sum Now Amsterdam De Pijp

  • Beautiful photos as usual, I especially love the steamy windows – there’s something mysterious and atmospheric about them. I should definitely check this place out when I’m in Amsterdam again (sadly, this isn’t very often these days)! Their table setting is right up my alley (those baskets are so cute and I’m loving the ceramics as well), also: yay for vegetarian options 🙂
    Have a fun weekend, Igrien!

    • Thank you Izzy! 🙂 I didn’t mind the steamy windows either, it actually made me feel like I was in one of those steamy restaurants in Asia (talk about authenticity)!
      Definitely try out the place if you have the chance!
      Enjoy your weekend Izzy! Cheers!

  • merel

    OMG. This looks so good. Your pictures are gorgeous. I’m craving DIm Sum big time.

    X Merel

    • Thanks Merel! Do visit the place if you have the chance! 😀
      Have a great weekend dear! <3

  • Violette

    OMG!!! This looks beyond amazing, to die for, I’m literally drooling!! Hope you enjoyed a lot!! Have a nice days x


    • Haha! I definitely enjoyed it and I can’t wait to go back again for another fix!
      Have a great weekend Violette! <3

  • I LOVE DIM SUM! I have to go to this place when I am back in Amsterdam!!

  • Catarina Neves

    Looks absolutely amazing!!! Would really like to try!

    • Thanks Catarina! It was delicious. I’m craving it now 🙁
      Have a great weekend dear!

  • I LOVE Dim Sum! I haven’t had them in so long and after seeing this post, I’m having some major cravings, haha! Glad to hear you loved the restaurant, which is always great! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, beautiful!



    • Haha, get your dim sum fix this weekend Jalisa! Dim sum is always best on Saturdays and Sundays 😉 Enjoy your weekend Jalisa! <3

  • Gorgeous post! Looks like an amazing place!

    xo Soo | http://www.BrownEyedToast.com

  • Oeee die ga ik proberen wanneer ik weer in Amsterdam ben!

    • Zeker het proberen waard! En geen gedoe met Chinese menukaarten waar je niks van begrijpt (zelfs deze Chinees niet) haha!
      Fijn weekend alvast! <3

  • Love these pics! You definitely captured the earthy feel of the place and the quality of the food. Wish I could visit Amsterdam! One of my favorite cities 🙂

    xx Yasmin


    • Thank you Yasmin! You should definitely visit Amsterdam. It’s a tiny city but there’s loads to see and discover!
      Have a great weekend Yasmin!

  • Love dimsum! these pictures are so good 🙂


  • Oh wow these look flipping amazing. Amazing photographs too, dumpling places usually have the worst lighting and your flatlays are freaking good.
    Have a merry weekend

    • Thank you Karen! I was lucky the place was well lit! I agree, lighting is always bad in dim sum restaurants!
      Have a great weekend too Karen!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    You take lovely photos, and although I haven’t been to this restaurant I really want to try some dim sum! xx, adaatude.com

  • Geez the presentation really is clean and modern, compared to many other dim sum places I’ve eaten at. I’d never even thought about it before either and now I’ll most likely be all judgey-pants when I go to them next! ;op


    • I know, I loved the design! It’s like Chinese meets Scandinavian minimal 😉
      Thanks for stopping by Sonia! <3

  • I personally experience getting allergy from MSG, and have my mouth all swollen like Donald Duck or started to itch and scratch. It’s really a great idea to ditch out the MSG as it’s a flavoring to boost the taste which in reality isn’t really good for our health.
    Awesome a new dim sum in town, I would be craving so much Asian food if I live long abroad.

    x Tiff


    • Wow I’ve never heard of that before – that sounds serious! Now I’m concerned about the heavy use of MSG in Asian cuisine. I’m glad more restaurants are letting go of it and are cooking purely and naturally!
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by Tiffany! Hope you have a great day! <3

  • Oh my! I’m in dim sum heaven, Igrien! Looks so yummy and healthy, so I even wouldn’t regret to enjoy a lot of them. 😉

    xoxo Ira

    • Thank you Ira! I didn’t regret enjoying these either haha! And it surprised me that I felt less ‘full’ than when I eat regular dim sum. It felt kind of healthy actually!
      Thank you of stopping by Ira! I hope you’re doing well and are not busying yourself too much! 😀

      • It’s my pleasure, Igrien! Yeah, that’s how I’ve felt when enjoying them back then as well. Sooo yummy!
        University sucks lately and I’m hoping for less busy days! 😉 Can’t wait for peaceful and relaxing Xmas. <3


  • Looks so yummy! I have never try Dim Sum Now but I need to soon. 🙂


  • Isidora Matic

    Nice photos!
    Do u want us to follow on other social media?
    If yes, pls tell me 😉

  • looks so delicious <3



  • Christa Sagmoe

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I wish we had some good dim sum restaurants where I am.



    • Thank you Christa! Where are you from? There should be some dim sum restaurants around hopefully?! Anyway, have a great day!

      • Christa Sagmoe

        Charlotte, North Carolina. We have PF Changs which has a few items on their dim sum menu. I’m still searching though! ☺️

  • well, I usually get my “overdose” of dim sum the small town way whenever I take a trip back to my in-laws place in Sungai Petani, Kedah (up north state of Peninsular Malaysia here). You know, small town people love to start their day off super early — what else but a good dim sum breakfast, with overflow of hot tea! So, it’s a love hate relationship for me (but I guess more love than hate *_^)

    This is one looks great and has a cosy atmosphere to the place and it’s really good to know that it has no MSG to them! healthy indeed.

    Have a beautiful week, Igrien.

    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

    • I have never had a proper dim sum breakfast before but would love to do it the next time I’m in Asia! Sounds like a great way to start the day (though I imagine you could grow tired of it after a while).
      I love how more and more restaurants these days are trying to not only serve healthy food but good food as well. I’m glad there’s finally a restaurant serving Chinese food without MSG!
      Happy holidays to you Jeann! <3