Don’t Rain On My Parade

Don't Rain On My Parade

Don't Rain On My Parade


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 27 February 2017

I was very big on musicals growing up. My grandmother and godmother would watch old, mostly black and white films when I was young. It made me fall in love with the timeless presence of people like Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Streisand and Julie Andrews.

With those iconic figures my love for fashion started as well. I would parade around in my grandmother’s hand-sown dresses and pretend I was Eliza Doolittle in a ballroom. White satin gloves – an accessory I found in my grandmother’s drawer that gave hours and hours of playtime every week (and serious illusions of grandeur I’m sure).

With the ever-evolving fashion industry, pushing one trend after another, it’s hard to keep up with what can truly be defined as stylish. My style has evolved from romantic ruffles during university to classy dresses and heels when I worked a corporate job and now a slightly more edgy silhouette and flats.

I definitely think trends and time can change your style. But through it all, there should be a couple of classic items that you can fall back on, whatever the occasion or your mood. Classics like a black suede pump, my Louis Vuitton Epi Alma (a timeless bag that is still one of my favorites) and a signature trenchcoat. Items that carry you from one place to another, that remain a constant over time. And remind you that no matter how much you change or evolve as a person, you’re still you.