The Envelope Bag

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September 2017

Stella McCartney Popper The Avantguardian Igrien


The envelope bag.

Why you need it

There’s something intriguing about the classic shape of an envelope bag. Its rectangular form, prominent diagonal lines and overall minimal design make it an absolute timeless piece. There’s a reason that designers launch a new range of envelope bags every year.

Which one do I get?

Stella McCartney’s Popper is undeniably the envelope bag du moment. With its suede lining, elegant stitching and details it is a season must-have.

How do I wear it?

An envelope bag is so versatile! Due to its architectural shape, it’s a great contrast to wear it with elegant dresses and feminine outfits. But with its masculine character, don’t be afraid to pair the bag with rugged jeans and biker boots!

Finally, what color do I buy it in?

This season, it’s all about reds and warmer oranges. So anything from deep reds to browns or mustard colors will do!

In the photo: Stella McCartney Popper