Editor’s Letter: February Frenzy

February Frenzy

February Frenzy
life, 9 February 2016

Well hello guys! Here’s the first editor’s letter of the year, and a bit late at that (for which, sorry). I don’t know if this is a format that I will stick to but I thought it would be nice to have a one-on-one moment, sans photography (although tempting).

I apologize beforehand for my absence this week. I was stuck in a February frenzy that involved lots of catching up on films and tv, meetings and spending loads of time with family and friends (happy lunar new year by the way!). Also, lots of lots of food (there goes my diet).

It’s times like these when you want to push social media to the background a bit. Sometimes you need to disconnect to connect again (if that makes sense).

This past week I’ve been busy trying to come up with a format for vlogging, or filming for Youtube. Some of you may know I have done short film competitions in the past. One for which I earned third prize and the other film was selected to be screened at cinemas in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The idea of filming and directing has always intrigued me and it’s a passion of mine that I’m eager to develop further. These things take time though – I’ll be happy if I can put up something before summer (fingers crossed).

In the mean time, our Norway road trip vlog is reaching 7k this week, which I know isn’t a lot anymore these days. But yay anyway!

Lastly, I’m moving back to Amsterdam again at the end of the month. I was hoping to stay longer in London but then, we bought a house. Which did change things for me. So yeah, we’re home owners now, which feels like a very grownup thing to say (which I am most definitely not).

Exciting things y’all, exciting things. Anyway, I can’t wait to share my February posts with you soon. Stay tuned!

  • So lovely in that skirt! And congratulations on the 7k babe, such a great achievement!!


  • 7k!!! congratulations Igrien 🙂 + you look fab as always!


  • rae

    Great to catch up with you through this letter to the editor. I can completely understand having to take a step back from social media sometimes – hope you doing so has been refreshing. How exciting about your youtube video as well! I think 7K is absolutely amazing! Will have to check your channel out as I had no idea you were doing youtube! Are you excited to be moving back to Amsterdam? I plan on visiting Amsterdam again soon, it would be so lovely to meet up!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Thanks Rae! When will you be in Amsterdam? I would love to meet! I’m leaving for a vacation mid-March but hopefully we can meet before!
      Stepping away from social media is always a good breather!
      Thanks for stopping by Rae!

  • It’s always nice to get some much-needed downtime! Like I haven’t been near Instagram for two weeks (happens often, I guess I’m just not big on social media) 😉
    So what did you watch? Anything you’d recommend? We just finished Jessica Jones. It’s okayish, it finally got a bit interesting around episode 3 and should’ve stopped around episode 11 (it has 13 episodes, so the last 2 dragged). If you like David Tennant it might be worth it, though he actually carries this show. Every time he wasn’t around we very much missed him ha ha (and he’s the villain!).
    I didn’t know you made short films, that’s sooooo cool! Can I watch them somewhere? Before I wanted to do more photography, I wanted to make documentaries. That’s *before* I found out it’s hard enough to make visuals without them also moving! My focus is lousy, so I’m sticking with photos for the time being but who knows in the future. I’ll check out your Norway vlog later! Didn’t know you’re on YouTube, too; somehow I missed that.
    I’m behind on stuff, so I’m gonna browse around, tee hee!

    • I loved David Tennant in JJ and am quite sad he won’t be appearing anymore because I agree, he carried the show! I am looking forward to the Luke Cage series already!
      I’ve been watching War & Peace – didn’t like how slow it was and lost interest halfway but continued watching, hoping it would get better (which it didn’t). I have been loving Billions starring Damian Lewis. It’s kind of House of Cards, only with a hedge fun manager. But it’s all about greed and power, similar to HoC. I’ve also been watching Shameless. It’s not the best show but I’ve been watching it for so long now I can’t drop it yet (it’s not bad). Lastly, I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube haha (YT addict here…).
      I don’t have my films online – I’m too embarrassed! I watched one again the other day and looking back at it, there are so many things I could have done differently.
      I’m not really on YT yet though. The Norway film was just a vacation video!
      Thanks for stopping by Izzy!

  • Hey, I’m new on your blog but I completely agree with having the Editor’s Letter every now and again. It really brings back the personal into blogging as so much of it has already become ‘for the brands’. 🙂 And I completely understand needing to step away from social media and everything else. It’s nice to take a break. You get to spend it offline with everyone you love and it gives you time to recuperate, too.


    • Thanks for stopping by Megann!
      I agree – that was exactly why I wanted to do an editor’s letter, to get more personal!
      Have a great day Megann!