Editor’s Letter: February Frenzy

February Frenzy

February Frenzy
life, 9 February 2016

Well hello guys! Here’s the first editor’s letter of the year, and a bit late at that (for which, sorry). I don’t know if this is a format that I will stick to but I thought it would be nice to have a one-on-one moment, sans photography (although tempting).

I apologize beforehand for my absence this week. I was stuck in a February frenzy that involved lots of catching up on films and tv, meetings and spending loads of time with family and friends (happy lunar new year by the way!). Also, lots of lots of food (there goes my diet).

It’s times like these when you want to push social media to the background a bit. Sometimes you need to disconnect to connect again (if that makes sense).

This past week I’ve been busy trying to come up with a format for vlogging, or filming for Youtube. Some of you may know I have done short film competitions in the past. One for which I earned third prize and the other film was selected to be screened at cinemas in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The idea of filming and directing has always intrigued me and it’s a passion of mine that I’m eager to develop further. These things take time though – I’ll be happy if I can put up something before summer (fingers crossed).

In the mean time, our Norway road trip vlog is reaching 7k this week, which I know isn’t a lot anymore these days. But yay anyway!

Lastly, I’m moving back to Amsterdam again at the end of the month. I was hoping to stay longer in London but then, we bought a house. Which did change things for me. So yeah, we’re home owners now, which feels like a very grownup thing to say (which I am most definitely not).

Exciting things y’all, exciting things. Anyway, I can’t wait to share my February posts with you soon. Stay tuned!