The First Year

Sigh, nothing beats the feeling of knowing you don’t have to come in to work for two whole weeks. I always say to K that I wasn’t built to work for others. But then again, who is. I turned up the music yesterday and danced around the apartment in my shorts all day. That is what we 28-year-olds do when we’re off. We dance, frantically. In cute shorts to make us feel somewhat young again. What is it about this age that makes us feel like we’re really old. Are we? Whenever we’re with friends, all we seem to talk about is the past. How good it was to be young. How careless we were and oh the joyful adventures we used to have. We long for freedom, time perhaps. Things we seemed to have in abundance when we were younger. Young, aren’t we still just that?






So today marks THE|AVANTGUARDIAN‘s one year anniversary, yay! The other day a friend of mine asked me what it is I actually want to achieve with my blog. Before I answered her, I thought about all the job interviews I’ve had in the past and how I was always able to wing questions like these effortlessly. Career, money, to become the best at what I do. My education and teaching had prepared me for nothing else. In contrast, I am clueless as to what my objectives are now, including that of my blog. This is clearly something I wasn’t trained to do, it doesn’t pay and it doesn’t include a bright future or career. If anything, my upbringing would have taught me that this is a very, very bad deal. And yet here I am putting a lot of my time and energy into this thing I call a blog without getting back anything in return.

Oh but how much I’ve been enjoying this 😉 . From the beginning this blog was all about searching for the non-lawyer part within me. The part that loves singing along with Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise and does not give a shit about corporate life and everything that comes with it. I have thoroughly loved my every blogging minute so far and hope that you have too. Sometimes there’s no rational thinking needed in doing the things we love. Sometimes we just need to do. If along the way I will have inspired some of you out there in finding your true selves, then I will have succeeded more than enough.

I thank you for keeping up with me so far and I hope you’ll keep accompanying me on this journey of mine.