Floral Affairs

Floral Fashion Photography

Vol. 2
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 8 June 2017

The floral trend – we can’t seem to get rid of it. It was rocking the runway two years ago already but it is still going strong.

I love the romantic floral print. But I have never been able to really pull it off. Somehow with my petite size and introverted character, the floral print only makes me look cute and young – things you don’t want to be associated with when you’re trying to build a business.

I was at a new client last month and when I entered the room with my camera bag and lighting equipment, I could see his doubt over my capability as a photographer. Photographers tend to be big, old men, whose equipment are certainly not the same height as they are. Moments like these are when I feel like I have to act like a man. It is a man’s world, there’s no denying that. And you better learn to play the game. I’m not bothered by it though, not in the least bit. I quite enjoy seeing the change of mood once I start working and suddenly I am deemed a professional photographer. That point where it flips – I count it as a small victory.

Floral Fashion Photography

Floral Fashion Photography

These shoots I did with Hieke and Daphne were exactly what I needed after a period of feeling drowned in the politics of Instagram and the mechanism of growing your socials. The blogging landscape is changing and not for the better. ‘Influence’ is tied with the amount of likes and followers you get. But we all know that a growing amount of ‘influence’ is bought or gained through mutual likes. Hours spent on Instagram will grow your account – you can count on that. There can never be real influence in that and you’re building jackshit. But we all keep our mouths shut about it because no one is waiting for more work on their hands. Just do what the rest is doing and follow along.

After three years of living in the blogosphere I find myself more and more looking for order in this open field. Or a hole in the fence to break out from. To roam freely and unrestrained, without looking back.

Floral Fashion Photography

Floral Fashion Photography

Models | Daphne Baas, Hieke Koning

Agency | IBTM Models

Stylist | Melle Braaksma

MUA | Kimberley Lau

Photography | Igrien Liu