Fondation Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris Museum

Frank Gehry Architecture

Frank Gehry Architecture

Louis Vuitton Museum Andy Warhol
Louis Vuitton Museum

Louis Vuitton Museum

Louis Vuitton Museum Bertrand Lavier La Bocca Zanker
Fondation Louis Vuitton Suitcase

Fondation Louis Vuitton Andy Warhol Jews Twentieth Century

Fondation Louis Vuitton Suitcase
Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris Museum
Louis Vuitton Museum
Frank Gehry Architecture
Frank Gehry Architecture
Frank Gehry Architecture

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris Museum

Frank Gehry Architecture
Frank Gehry Architecture

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris Museum

Frank Gehry Architecture

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris Museum

Frank Gehry Cafe Louis Vuitton
Frank Gehry Architecture

These photos were shot at the Fondation Louis Vuitton last month. Fondation Louis Vuitton is an art museum located just outside the city centre of Paris (take the EUR 1 shuttle bus from l’Arc de Triomphe and you’re there within fifteen minutes). The museum’s cutting edge form was designed by Frank Gehry. The building takes the form of a sailboat’s sails inflated by the wind, covering the museum’s multilevel roof terraces. The museum’s collection included works by Basquiat, Koons, Warhol and Abramovic, but I found myself wandering the halls of the glass sails more – the museum itself is a work of art. 

Looking at my photography portfolio and the photos I’ve shot for the blog over the years, I realize I don’t shoot architecture that often. It’s the challenge of shooting from certain angles and looking for the right lines that have always kept me away from trying. But with Gehry’s architecture, all you have to do is shoot. Nearly every corner I turned was worthy of a shot. And I would post all of them but somewhere I don’t think you’d be too keen on scrolling endlessly down to the bottom of the page.

I wouldn’t be anyway, but don’t mind me posting more on my social media channels.

Fondation Louis Vuitton

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  • Kelly M

    What an exceptional structure and photos! I had no idea Frank Gehry designed, but upon reading your thoughts it makes all the sense in the world. Are you located in Paris? This is something I would absolutely LOVE to discover soon 🙂


    • Thanks Kelly!
      I’m located in London these days. These photos were taken on a recent trip to Paris! Do visit the museum when you’re around. It’s one of the most beautiful museums I’ve ever visited!
      Thanks for stopping by Kelly!<3

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing more photos actually, not if they’re all so beautiful! This building is truly stunning, it’s so airy and I love the mix of materials. You have a great eye, Igrien, I forgot to mention in my last comment that you’d make a good cinematographer 🙂

    • Haha, alright I’ll try to add more photos in future posts!
      I absolutely loved the building.. it’s a tiny museum but somehow I managed to spend four hours there :p
      That is too sweet – thanks! <3
      Have a lovely day Izzy!

  • WOW. Such a beautiful building! Your pictures are amazing!


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  • I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. I’ve never heard of this museum before, probably because everyone I know always goes to the usual go-to attractions, but this one is surely a gem! Your pictures bring out the beauty of the museum, great job!

    • Hi Mei, definitely put this on your list when you go to Paris. It’s a relatively new museum, and as far as I know, they’re not really marketing it or being too commercial with it. But it’s an absolute must-visit, if only for the architecture!
      Thanks for stopping by Mei!

      • Thanks so much for the tip! I’ll definitely keep that in mind when I plan my trip to Paris 🙂

    • Definitely put this on your list when you visit Paris the next time! 😀

  • Love this post, thanks for sharing! This building is really piece of art! I’ve been to Paris 3 times, but never never heard of this museum before! Need to visit.

    • Thank you Nataliya! I think it’s because it’s a relatively new museum! Definitely visit it the next time you’re in Paris! <3

  • Gorgeous photos! This museum looks amazing!

    • Thanks Valerie! It’s a must-visit – do include this in your itinerary when you’re in Paris! <3

  • These are stellar shots. I like the light, the angles, & the architecture of the Fondation! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • What a magnificent piece of architecture. A real treat for the eyes! I would definitely love to come here one day and do a shoot myself. You captured the design of the museum very well, in my humble opinion.


    • Thanks so much Audrey!
      Definitely visit the museum if you have the chance. It has a small collection but I’d go to see the architecture alone!
      Thanks for stopping by Audrey! <3

  • Violette

    These photos are amazing! Love this place! x


  • Amazing architecture and art! This is definitely on my to do list next time I go to Paris! Love the light in your pictures!! Great job!

    Aurelie |

    • Thanks Aurelie! Definitely add this to your must-see list! It is gorgeous, both the museum’s collection as the building! Thanks for stopping by Aurelie!

  • Harija Ravi

    Just wonderful and love it!! Thank you for your thoughts on my WMCFashionWeek experience.


  • Wow this is jaw-dropping! I’ve been to the LV store on the Champs-Elysees and that was architecture porn. But this is on a whole different level.


    • Oh the LV store is always a must-visit for me whenever I’m at Champs-Elysees! You should definitely try to visit Fondation LV as well next time you’re in Paris. It’ll be worth it!
      Thanks for stopping by Sonia!

  • Beautiful! I haven’t seen the new location yet, I just remember the very old one, located in the Galleries Lafayettes! This one looks beautiful!

    • Really? I didn’t know it used to be in the GL! Hope you get to visit the place soon! Thanks for stopping by Sharon!

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