Food Trends Amsterdam


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 15 May 2017

Recently a reader asked what the current food trends are in Amsterdam. I mostly focus on covering fine-dining restaurants in Amsterdam and occasionally write about new hotspots. But I’ve never really done a post about food trends! So I thought I’d sum up some of the food trends and hypes I’ve been enjoying these past month. There’s a lot going on in Amsterdam so food trends come and go. Here’s what’s currently hot in Amsterdam!

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Food Trends Amsterdam I-Scream Waffle Foodhallen

Hong Kong egg waffle

The egg waffle ice cream. This is a Hong Kong street food that has been popular for some time already in places like New York and London. But since a few weeks, we have it here in Amsterdam as well. I-Scream Waffle is currently the only place offering it. You can find it in the Foodhallen. An egg waffle ice cream cone is EUR 7 and comes in a variety of flavors. I hope one day they offer an ice cream free cone as well – egg waffles are hard to come by in Amsterdam!

Food Trends Amsterdam Avocado Show


The avocado trend is still going strong and proof of that are the many avocado dishes served in restaurants at the moment. And why not – we adore avocado. Making headlines a while back was The Avocado Show, an all avocado restaurant. Currently the only one in Amsterdam but there are rumors of other concepts opening soon across the Netherlands. Dishes are EUR 10 – 15 which is expensive for one avocado. But very instagrammable!

Food Trends Amsterdam Tacos Taqueria Lima Foodhallen


It’s not that big a trend yet here in Amsterdam, but I predict this will take off soon. I for one love tacos and I’m currently obsessed with the tacos from Taqueria Lima (mad love for the braised beef). You can find Taqueria Lima in the Foodhallen. Tacos are EUR 7 for two.

Food Trends Amsterdam Ramen Sapporo Sora


And now, ramen! Amsterdam is slowly discovering chewy wheat noodles in a flavorful meat (or fish) based broth! You can find ramen at places like Ishii, Raku, Fou Fow Ramen or Ramen-Ya. Our current favorite is Sapporo Ramen SORA – currently the only restaurant in Amsterdam serving Sapporo-style ramen (miso ramen with sweetcorn and butter – yes butter!). Of course ramen lovers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Takumi from Germany.

Food Trends Amsterdam Extreme Shakes Grand Cafe Krasnapolsky

Freak shakes

These extreme milkshakes are not for the faint-hearted. Clear your lunch for this because it is a filler. The freak shakes are currently served at places like Grand Cafe Krasnapolsky, Bulls & Dogs and SNCKBR. A freak shake at Grand Cafe is EUR 6 and it comes in two flavors, chocolate and strawberry, and is served with mini donuts, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream and cookies. On the instagrammable scale: a definite 10!

Food Trends Amsterdam Bao Baowowow


The bao has been a favorite in the Amsterdam street food scene for a while already. Foodhallen recently opened a stand, Baowowow. Other places serving baos are Happyhappyjoyjoy and Ron Gastrobar Oriental. I would love to see more baos in Amsterdam. I feel like we’re still a bit behind on the trend compared to places like New York, London and Berlin.

Slowth Brunch Amsterdam Asian Taiwanese Desserts


I feel like the matcha love is big with foodies who know where to find it. It’s still a small community of matcha lovers but the love is strong with those who appreciate a little bitterness in their desserts or coffees. You’ll mostly find matcha desserts in Asian restaurants. I recently discovered Slowth Brunch in Amsterdam, a small cafe that serves Taiwanese cuisine. The menu also features matcha pancakes and matcha-ccino. For your matcha bubble tea fix, hit up Yo-Yo’s Tea bar.