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November 2018

Foodhallen owners Lin, Chu and Cheung are bringing their vision for a modern culinary food hall from Amsterdam to the city of architecture. Foodhallen Rotterdam opened this summer with fifteen stands and three bars no less. One of the first articles we wrote here was on Foodhallen Amsterdam when it first opened (read here, here and here). And if the success in Amsterdam has shown us one thing, it’s that in today’s culinary landscape, we need more food courts with mixed local artisan restaurants. For quick eats, lunch stops or casual wining and dining on Friday nights.

Foodhallen Rotterdam Bar Pulpo

Foodhallen Rotterdam Baomazing

Foodhallen Rotterdam Bar Pulpo

The stands

Like its sister location, Foodhallen Rotterdam is nested in a historical building (Pakhuis Meesteren) with contemporary structures, evoking a sense of modern metropolitanism. Stalls are lined up against the walls, with the main bar taking center stage and large seating areas spread across the halls.

  • Foodshed is chef Erik van Loo’s (from two Michelin starred restaurant Parkheuvel) haven. Foodshed serves street food with a culinary twist. Order the decadent lobster hotdog or the creamy vegetarian ravioli. Is this the new street food?
  • Taqueria Lima is no stranger to Foodhallen visitors. Its Amsterdam stall is well visited by locals and tourists. Go for the chipotle braised beef taco – a favourite among our staff. We may not have many taco offerings in the Netherlands but Taqueria Lima sure serves a mean one.
  • At Bavette, you satisfy your burger and fries fix. Burgers at Bavette come juicy, filled with mouthwatering toppings, served in two thick buns to hold the master burger. We went for the truffle fries as well and the wagyu bitter balls. Bavette knows fastfood.
  • Baomazing serves baskets of appetising dim sum and a range of various baos. Go for a tray of xiao long bao or order a pork belly and duck bun.
  • Bar Pulpo caters to seafood lovers. One of their specialty menu items is the seafood bucket (great to share) and the grilled octopus (tender and delicious). Of course you can’t leave without chucking down a few fresh oysters.
  • Go over to Ten To Three Bakery for your sweet fix. We ordered a box of macarons (we recommend the Earl grey) and treat yourself to a cupcake or two (Red velvet and Salted caramel). 
  • Complete your lunch or dinner at the G&T Bar. At the G&T Bar you’ll find local and international gins and sweet, fruity and herbal flavoured tonics. Bartenders will make you a satisfying gin & tonic. 


Other stalls at Foodhallen Rotterdam include: La Pizza, Indonesia, Viet Yam, Roffa, Txosta and Backyard. We’ll be sure to visit them at our next Rotterdam trip.

Foodhallen Rotterdam Taqueria Lima

Foodhallen Rotterdam Foodshed

Foodhallen Rotterdam Baomazing

The atmosphere

Foodhallen Rotterdam is like its Amsterdam counter establishment a place-to-be for culinary enthusiast and casual street food eaters. You come here on weekdays for a quick food fix and on weekends for more elaborate dining. The collective and mixed food stalls make it a great place to visit with friends and family – there’s something for everyone. But what makes the food hall stand out is its hip culinary and artisanal offerings. The young chefs behind the counters share a passion for food and a vision to bring their craft to the public. It easily distinguishes itself from other food halls such as the Rotterdam Markthal (where the vibe is more comparable to a marketplace).

Lastly, I find that the bars complete the experience. Aside from the main bar (that serves a great variety of drinks, including locally brewed beer), there’s a wine and G&T bar, catering to more fine dining lovers. With this feat, Foodhallen is slowly bridging the gap between casual street food and in-restaurant dining.

Foodhallen Rotterdam Gin Tonic Bar

Foodhallen Rotterdam Gin Tonic Bar

Foodhallen Rotterdam Bavette

The price

Unlike food halls in Asia, where you can easily get meals with a drink under ten euros, prices don’t come cheap. But it isn’t expensive either if you compare it to dining in a restaurant. The price of a dish averages at around nine euros for larger dishes. With some dishes coming at three to four euros for bites (like pinchos at Txosta or sate sticks at Indonesia). The variety of food is great enough at the different price points and it all really depends on what you pick. For a lunch fix, you could get a dish and drink at around twelve euros. And for more elaborate tastings (two or more dishes), you can expect prices to start from twenty euros or so. Overall, prices are reasonable and it all depends on what you’re having!

Foodhallen Rotterdam La Pizza

Foodhallen Rotterdam Coffee Bar

Foodhallen Rotterdam Ten to Three Bakery

The location

You can find Foodhallen Rotterdam in Pakhuis Meesteren at Wilhelminakade 58 in Rotterdam.