Frank Gehry Designs Louis Vuitton’s Maison Seoul

Frank Gehry Louis Vuitton Seoul


Design | Issue I | December 2019

Celebrated architect Frank Gehry recently designed the newly opened Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul store in the Gangnam district. Atop the prestigious Cheongdam-dong, sits a wavy structure reminiscent to the shape of Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

The design is a Gehry trademark for sure, but the architecture gives away small hints of the Korean culture. To celebrate the connection between Louis Vuitton and South-Korea, the glass roof includes elements of classic Korean architecture as well. If you look closely, you can see the shapes of the Hwaseong Fortress and wavy panels inspired by the white Dongnae Hakchum costumes in motion. “What struck me when I first visited Seoul nearly 25 years ago was the relationship between architecture and the natural landscape,” said Gehry. “I still remember clearly the powerful impressions I had stepping up from the garden of Jongmyo Shrine.”

As for the interior of Maison Seoul, designer Peter Marino created a classic space with warm and open spaces. The entrance hall reaches twelve meters high and a floating staircase connects all floors. In this design, Marino aimed to contrast the billowing energy of Gehry’s exterior with a personal and cleaner interior.

Peter Marino Louis Vuitton Seoul Korea

Frank Gehry Louis Vuitton Seoul