Frietboutique Caviar Fries

Frietboutique Caviar Fries Amsterdam


food | 29 February 2016

On our recent travel to Amsterdam, we stumbled on Frietboutique, a gourmet fries shop tucked away in the corners of Amsterdam Zuid. Frietboutique isn’t your regular fries shop. Not only does it double as an ice cream parlor (under the name Ijsboutique), it also serves fries like you’ve never had before. I’m talking about crispy thin-to-medium sized fries, made from fresh organic potatoes, sprinkled with Sal de Ibiza (gourmet fries can only be served with gourmet sea salt) and most of all – made with love (do not underestimate this).

Frietboutique Amsterdam

Ijsboutique Amsterdam

Stepping into the shop, you are greeted with a warm welcome from Sammy or Pebbles, the owners of Frietboutique and Ijsboutique. With flowers on the counter, a clean and cozy interior and smiles all over, you’d think you’ve just stepped into a trendy salad bar (but hey – potatoes are vegetables right?).

We came in to try the latest buzz in town: fries with caviar. Served in a sleek black pointy bag, with a big dollop of crème fraîche, resting on top of it is a scoop of shiny pearls of caviar. The item on the menu is a collaboration with House of Caviar & Fine Food. The dish comes with a tiny can of caviar on the side and a spoon to scoop more caviar on your fries. It’s pure decadence with a dish like this but the combination works wonderfully – the crispy fries, the tangy flavor of the cream and the salty caviar are a match made in heaven.

Frietboutique Caviar Fries Amsterdam

Frietboutique Caviar Fries Amsterdam

Frietboutique House of Caviar Amsterdam

We also sample Frietboutique‘s truffle croquette and Peking duck croquette. The truffle croquette is creamy and so indulgent; the Peking duck croquette has a distinctive five spices taste to it, which I found very pleasing.

Frietboutique Truffle Croquette Amsterdam

Frietboutique Caviar Fries Amsterdam

Of course we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to try Ijsboutique‘s (in)famous milkshake. We asked for their favorite and got a milkshake made of Stracciatella ice cream, Cookies & Cream ice cream and… wait for it… Strawberry ice cream. I did not expect for this to work but the balance was just the right amount of fruitiness (a slight hint) to counter the chocolates.

Ijsboutique Milkshake Amsterdam

Frietboutique is my best discovery of 2016 so far – would you try any of the above and if so, what would you pick?