A Glamorous Holiday Look

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A Glamorous Holiday

beauty | 19 December 2016

Ah the holidays.. I’ve never made it a secret that it’s my favorite time of the year. Winter time – the time we get to go all out on food, festivities, beauty (the amount of skincare I use in the winter is obnoxious). The only thing to dislike about the winter is the weather. But then, it has been rather mild so far so I guess we can’t complain.

Also, no matter how cold it gets, if we’re getting snow, I’ll forego anything.

With the holidays, I always like to glam it up a bit, beauty and fashion wise. I may be rocking neutrals most part of the year, when the holidays start, my only focus is on golds, glitters and glamorous shimmers.

Luxury lifestyle blogger Amsterdam

Luxury lifestyle blogger Amsterdam

This holiday will be no different.

On my eyes, I’ll be rocking my favorite palette this season, the Giorgio Armani Beauty eyeshadow palette in Night Light, a palette not entirely shy of golden tones. The colors in this palette are the most beautiful neutrals I’ve seen in years, of which three are gold-tinted. For the holidays, I’m combining the golden shimmers and brown and black mattes. Simple yet elegant!

On my cheeks, I’m wearing the Estée Lauder blush in Blushing Nude. If ever there was an award for a blush that creates the most beautiful natural glow, it’d be this one.

Top this off with a highlighter. The one I’ve been using lately is the Lancôme highlighter cushion (comes in one of the prettiest packaging this year – no?).

On the lips, I’m using Tom Ford‘s lip color in Cherry Lush. A stunning primrose red/pink hue that’s perfect to go with any look you’re wearing. It goes especially well with all the golds we’re rocking!

My nails are reserved for glittery polishes with the holidays. One nail polish you cannot miss this season is Essie‘s Getting Groovy. A stunning golden polish full of shiny specks and glitters.

And last but not least, to finish any look, you’re going to need a scent. This time I chose a perfumed oil instead of a scent. There’s just something extremely luxurious about a body oil with a sensual fragrance. For this, I’m using the Chanel No.5 body oil.

Whether you’re having plans or not with the holidays, I hope you have fun dressing up this year! What will you guys be wearing?

Happy holidays guys!

Luxury lifestyle blogger Amsterdam