Goodmorning Mr Porter

Mr Porter Amsterdam

Mr Porter W Amsterdam

The sound of the bustling crowd on the streets, the trams passing and bells of bicycles ringing – no matter what, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of it. Amsterdam is unlike any other city in the Netherlands, in the world perhaps. We have our beautiful canals, green and polluted, but still nice enough to spend your summers boating. We have good food, great food, even ones you’ll casually run into in tiny corridors. We have laws that seem almost impossible to the rest of the world – legalization of drugs and prostitution, but we’ll ambiguously call it a tolerated policy for drugs and regulated prostitution. Amsterdammers are a peculiar kind of people as well. We’ll tell you all about what’s to see and do in Amsterdam but ask us what lies outside of the city and we’ll drop dead silent. Even though Amsterdammers won’t openly admit it, we know it – everything outside our city borders is a foreign wasteland. 

I adore it though, my little hometown. I wouldn’t trade it for any other place in the world, not permanently at least. That much I’ve learnt this past year. I may be spending most of my days on the other side of the sea nowadays, there’s no place like Amsterdam. And while others struggle to find a place in the densely populated city, the W has found the perfect location for their first branch in the Netherlands: right smack in the middle of the city center. The hotel is conveniently surrounded by Amsterdam’s iconic landmarks and sites. There’s the palace on one side, De Jordaan, 9 Straatjes, Begijnhof, Nieuwe Kerk on other fronts. Check in here and you’ll never have to walk more than fifteen minutes to do your sightseeing. Not that you’d walk in Amsterdam of course – you go everywhere by bike

Mr Porter W Amsterdam

Mr Porter W Amsterdam
Mr Porter W Amsterdam

To start your day in Amsterdam, any day for that matter, breakfast is essential. And Mr. Porter knows how to cure an empty stomach. Mr. Porter, the W’s hotel restaurant, caters to a meat-loving crowd at night in an elegant and dark setting. In the morning, it turns into a cozy living room and kitchen setting where breakfast is served. The buffet is a colorful blend of fresh produce, pastries, pastas, cured meats, cheeses, salads, fruits and freshly baked goods. Meats aren’t completely off the table though at breakfast. The a la carte breakfast menu features a minute steak, topped with a fried egg and served with fries.

The steak was beautifully seared – not that you’d expect anything less from a primarily meat-focused restaurant – and had a smoky quality to it.

Mr Porter W Amsterdam
Mr Porter W Amsterdam
Mr Porter W Amsterdam


Mr Porter W Amsterdam
Mr Porter W Amsterdam

When the bartender arrives at your table, pushing a mini bar cart, you say yes to everything he offers. We have a Bloody Mary, a drink that is said to be the best hangover remedy. The battle booze with booze mentality may not be entirely up my alley but the vodka, tomato, Tabasco and pepper-filled concoction does provide you with the kick you need in the morning. I reckon the drink will wake up even the sleepiest among us. 

The Bloody Mary also complemented our Poached egg on avocado toast, with habanero peppers and a squeeze of lemon. This is one of my favorite combos at the moment. You may see it popping up on brunch menus nowadays but rarely is it with peppers.

Mr Porter W Amsterdam
Mr Porter W Amsterdam

Mr Porter W Amsterdam

We end the day breakfast with a stack of sweet blueberry and strawberry pancakes, possibly the best pancakes I’ve had so far. 

Mr Porter W Amsterdam
Mr Porter W Amsterdam

Mr Porter W Amsterdam6123

And then there’s the view. When you visit Mr. Porter, don’t forget to go on the balcony. The high-ceiling glass windows of the restaurant will give you a good view of the city already. But on the balcony, the feeling of being in the city center, being surrounded by historic buildings, it’s so much more beautiful. 

  • The Fashion Panda

    Waaw looks like an amazing place ! 🙂

    • Thanks love! It definitely is! Check it out when you’re in Amsterdam!

  • I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I just love your shots! The interior is swoon-worthy, I especially have a soft spot for those side tables. They very much look like Nanna Ditzel’s Toadstool (, though I’d like them even better in walnut 😉
    Just wondering, if you had your pick, what kind of photographer would you be? Would you choose fashion, food, interiors, or a little bit of everything?

    • Aw thanks Izzy <3
      It's hard for me to choose. I love still life so I won't stop photographing food and interiors any time soon. But lately I've enjoyed photographing people as well. The latter is still a challenge for me though as I can't seem to get the lighting right just yet in the studio. But it's my goal to try and master lighting this year so the blog may feature more fashion photography this year!
      Thanks for stopping by Izzy! 😀

  • Belle melange

    Amazing pictures, love this place!

  • Looks like a wonderful place to stay. The avocado toast looks yummy and now I know where I should stay if I’m ever lucky enough to visit Amsterdam (fingers crossed I am!).


    • Haha yeah definitely stay at the W! Their breakfast menu was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Usually it’s just a buffet; this was like having breakfast in a restaurant.
      Thanks for stopping by Monika! <3

  • Oh, Mr. Porter looks gorgeous! The balcony view is STUNNING. Oh, if only I could visit Amsterdam. What a beautiful city!

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin’

    • Thanks Bash! Definitely do try and visit Amsterdam if you have the chance! It’s a tiny city but there’s so much to do and see!
      Thanks for stopping by dear – have a great day!

  • Amsterdam is so beautiful, I haven’t been there before, but I know I’ll love it, judging from what I’ve read about the people and the place. Need to come here.


    • Hi Audrey, definitely do visit Amsterdam if you have the chance. I know you’ll love it!
      Thanks for stopping by Audrey! Have a great day! <3

  • Amazing photos! This looks like a beautiful time.

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